Spain has many impressive landscapes and fascinating destinations, but one of the most amazing natural resorts are the salty pink lakes in Torrevieja. In this beautiful coastal resort you can find two beautiful salt lakes: a blue-green one called La Mata lagoon and the other, of an impressive pink colour, known as Torrevieja lagoon; both connected to the sea by canals.

The natural question that anyone would ask is ‘Why is the lake so pink?’
It seems that the unusual pink colour of the Torrevieja lagoon is caused by pigments of the Halobacterium bacteria which live in extreme salty environments. The colour is also caused by an alga called Dunadiella Salina, which is responsible for the bright red colour of the lake. The pink lake has 1,400 hectares and the salt is produced from the south-east corner of the pink lagoon.

There are up to 2,000 flamingos that can be seen especially during the breeding season and complete the ravishing scenery. Many of them turn to a fascinating shade of pink from eating the shrimps in the water. There are about 100 types of aquatic and marine birds plus other animals in this amazing natural park.

Pink Flamingo

The salt is then split into different categories and sizes depending on its final use. Altogether, there are 14,000 different uses for salt including making glass, PVC manufacture as well as in the textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Torrevieja salt is also exported abroad. Norway is the main importer while Italy, Portugal, UK, USA, Ireland and Denmark are also major users. Nowadays, the Torrevieja lakes produce 700,000 tonnes of salt a year and are still a very important industry for the Alicante region.

In the Salt and Sea Museum, you can see some beautiful boats which have captured the crystallisation process of the salt. This craftsmanship of salt boats is unique to Torrevieja and is one of the must-see activities for any visitor.

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In this fascinating place even the air is saturated with iodine, minerals and salt. The visitors are offered a natural spa that can bring them many benefits for diseases of the joints, skin, lungs and asthma.

Anyone who comes here feels a surge of strength and energy like a natural vivacity of nature! It is a fact that salt also cleanses your aura from negative emotions.

To make the best of your holiday is a must to visit the harbour area with its numerous restaurants, tapas bars, shops, attractive parks, gardens and squares. So, if you chose to travel by boat a very good option to moor would be Marina Deportiva Del Puerto de Alicante.