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Glifadha A, Attica, Greece

Glyfada A Marina is an idyllic little harbour situated in the city of Athens on the coastline of Greece with immediate access to the banks of the Aegean Sea. This port is located in the county of Attica and offers numerous attractions. Its mild temperatures and gentle waters are the perfect starting point of your vacation. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is the central point of attraction and will connect you to the ancient Greece and its traditions. You’ll get the chance to explore the large halls and numerous altars that were used to worship the most powerful God. Restaurants in the area are exceptional and provide the best traditional Greek seafood dishes in the world. The best restaurants include names like Lithos, Avocado and Meliartos. Spend quality time with your loved ones in some of Athens’ best hotels: Athens Lotus Hotel, Acropolis Select Hotel and Philippos Hotel. Enjoy a romantic holiday in the capital city that will fascinate you with great history and fantastic culture.

Facilities of Glifadha A

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Cancellation Policy of Glifadha A : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Attica

The region of Attica in Greece is well known for hosting the capital of Greece, Athens. Geologically it is a peninsula watered by the Aegean Sea from three sides, while on the north it fringes with the rest of the mainland. The history of Attica is tightly linked with that of Athens, which, from the classical period, was one of the most outstanding cities in the ancient world. In spite of the fact that the largest part is commanded by the urban area of Athens and its suburbs, it also consists of less-populated towns, particularly near the edges. An extremely celebrated spot is Cape Sounion with the aged sanctuary of Poseidon. In Attica, guests will additionally discover archeological sites, scenic mountainous villages, seaside towns and numerous breathtaking shorelines. Taking its name after its protector, goddess Athena, Athens is famous because here the political system of democracy, sciences and philosophy was born.

The most important monument of Athens city is t... more info