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Limnia Marina, Chios Island, Greece

Limnia Marina is a medium size harbour located in the city with the same name in the county of Chios (Khios in Greek). This marina offers marvellous sceneries and unique sunsets for you and your family to enjoy. Katounia Beach is one place that you shouldn’t miss as its sandy shores and blue waters are ideal for snorkelling and swimming. Folklore Museum Limnia is a superb location that offers exhibits of traditional Greek costumes and household items used in ancient Greece. If you are interested in finding a place to dine with your loved one, we suggest visiting one of these beautiful venues: Palio Arhontiko, Violakis 1967, Aletri Restaurant and Koundouros Kolimvari. These establishments serve excellent food, traditional beer and unique seafood dishes. Hotels in the area will always welcome you with open arms and cheerful personnel. The Grecian Castle and Chios Chandris will make you feel like home. The superb beach and mild breeze will make you fall in love with this unique port.

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Attractions in Chios Island

Be prepared to be welcomed in style, as Chios is a hospitable island with polite and peaceful residents, ready to greet every new visitor with love and kindness. Located in the Aegean Sea, 7 kilometers off the Anatolian coast, Chios is the fifth biggest of the Greek islands. The island is disjointed from Turkey by the Chios Strait. Chios is remarkable for its exports of mastic gum, also known as The mastic island, but also include olives, figs, wine, mandarins and cherries.

Tourists are allured by its medieval towns as well as the 11th century monastery of Nea Moni, a splendid UNESCO World Heritage Site. The crescent or kidney shaped island is sprinkled with mountainous and arid terrain, its shores being embraced by mountains. The two largest of these mountains, Pelineon (1,297 metres) and Epos (1,188 metres) reign majestically in the north part of the island. According to tradition, the island's name infers from Hiona, the daughter of Oenopion who was the first pi... more info