Karlóvasi Marina Marina
Karlóvasi Marina Marina
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Karlóvasi Marina

Samos Island, Greece
Berth Characteristics
  • 250 berths
  • Max Length 20 m
  • Max Draught 8 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Karlóvasi Marina by calling VHF.

Karlóvasi Marina is a small port located in the city with the same name, on the island of Samos. It is known among tourists as one of the best fishing areas in Greece. This marina is perfect for cruises along the banks or deep sea fishing for the infamous Octopus or Squid. As the island is rich in

Facilities of Karlóvasi Marina

  • Water
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Market
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The neighborhood

Karlóvasi Marina is located in Samos Island.

Samos (/ˈseɪmɒs, ˈsæmoʊs/; Greek: Σάμος) in the North Aegean, Greece, is a multidimensional island. Not just is it a marvelous destination spot with outstanding scenic characteristics, including waterfalls, wetlands, authentic villages and astounding coasts, but it hosts fantastic attractions, a wine museum and rare sightseeing suggestions, such as the cavern of Pythagoras, where the Pythagoras theorem most likely came to life.

The island is located south of Chios, north of Patmoand the Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the 1.6-kilometre Mycale Strait. It was known to be a particularly rich and powerful city-state in ancient times, expressly known for its vineyards and mouth-watering wine production, as the exquisite, fragranced Samian wine is exported all over the world. There are a few speculations concerning the name's provenance of Samos. As per one of them, Samos originates from the aged Ionian word "sama" which translates as "elevation by the shoreline", as there are two high mountains majestically situated upon the island, Ampelos (1,095 metres) and Kerkis (1,434 metres).

When in Samos Island, The Samos Wine Museum placed in Malagari (near Vathy) is unquestionably worth a visit, since it offers a window in the way wine used to be created until a couple of decades ago. Displays include tools, barrels, tanks as well as lab instruments, dazzling and enchanting tourists. The museum buildings are particularly planned so guests encounter a journey in time and at the end, guests can purchase the astounding local brand "Moschato".

Another must-see destination in Samos is the Cave of Pythagoras, on the foot of mountain Kerki. It is a truly noteworthy cave where Pythagoras used to go when he required solitude. This hollow also served him as a hideout when Polycrates blamed him for corrupting the young minds of Samos. The cavern is arranged at around 3 km. from Kampos Marathokampou, however the two thirds of the street are not paved with asphalt and the last 200 m. compel tourists to climb more than 300 stairs. Upon the entrance of the cave, those who are blessed to be there may gaze upon the picturesque chapel of the Virgin Mary, constructed by Saint Paul Latrinos around a century back.

Samos has two great towers which are also of extraordinary memorable importance: The three-story Tower of Sarakinis at 8 km. from Pythagorio, which was built by the commander Nickolaos Sarakinis in 1577. Sarakinis was given this piece of land as a blessing from Kilitz Ali Pasa thanks to his incredible aid in attracting inhabitants to Samos. The Tower of Lykourgos in Pythagorio was built by the leader of the revolution in Samos, Lykourgos Logothetis. It was primarily used as a shelter and a fortification against the Turks. Adjacent to the tower there are archaeological findings and the delightful church of the Transfiguration.

The island is sprinkled with more than 1000 churches, monasteries and chapels, here you shall also encounter the Archaeological Museums of Samos and Pythagorio, the Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Museum, the Tannery Museum, the Archaeological Sites of Ireo and Efpalinion Orygma, as well as many other enchanting landmarks awaiting to amaze you, upon discovery. With luscious azure waters and picturesque scenes the beaches of Samos are eminent in North Aegean as well as all over Greece. Moreover, in more recent times, scuba divers appear to be more and more drawn to this exotic destination. The island features stunning organized beaches like Tsamadou, Lemonakia, Kokkari and Kedros in the north, as well as isolated, untouched beaches like Aspres and Agios Ioannis Eleimonas in the southwest calling out to more and more dazzled tourists yearly.

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