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Marina di Porto Ottiolu, Sardinia, Italy

Marina di Porto Ottiolu is situated in Budoni, a hypnotizing location on the Tyrrhenian coastline of the island of Sardinia or Sardegna. This marina is also known as Port of Porto Ottiolu and it can be found in the Province of Olbia-Tempio, north-west of the island. It specializes in recreational activities and attracts many visitors thanks to its incredible littoral and endless possibilities of relaxing and having fun. The resort of Porto Ottiolu includes a friendly hotel and various facilities but tourists can choose to accommodate in various other romantic hotels like the Hotel Club Baia del Porto, the Hotel I Corbezzoli, etc. Surreal panoramas and idyllic spots can be admired by travellers who will decide to stop for a while in Budoni and enjoy a local, delicious gastronomy based on Italian and Mediterranean dishes at restaurants like Coco’s. This is the perfect destination for those who enjoy sunny weather and nautical sports in the middle of nature.

Facilities of Marina di Porto Ottiolu

Drinking water





Fuel station

Weather forecasting



Dressing rooms



Waste collection

Residual water collection

Bilge Collection


Service Station for ships

Master harbour


Photo Gallery

Cancellation Policy of Marina di Porto Ottiolu : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Sardinia

Sardinia, also known as Sardegna in Italian and Sardigna in Sardinian, is an autonomous region of Italy that is located in the vicinity of Italy, Corsica, Sicily, Tunisia, Provence and the Balearic Islands. It is known to be the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and it has its capital at Cagliare, the largest city on the island.

Sardinia is a wonderful piece of heaven where the waters are crystal clear and the touristic resorts are fantastic. The island receives a great number of tourists each year thanks to its ideal weather conditions, its excellent cuisine and its natural beauties.

According to archaeological evidence, Sardinia seems to be one the oldest structures in Europe. The tourists will be fascinated by the megalithic structures that date from the Mesolithic period, the Bronze Age and other ancient periods of time. Some of the most important structures that are being protected nowadays are the “nuraghi”, which are t... more info