Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
Porto Cervo Marina Marina
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Porto Cervo Marina

Sardinia, Italy
Berth Characteristics
  • 700 berths
  • Max Length 120 m
  • Max Draught 7 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Porto Cervo Marina by calling VHF8.

Porto Cervo Marina is a Recommended Marina.

Porto Cervo Marina is also known as Marina di Porto Cervo or Port of Porto Cervo and it is located in the summer resort with the same name, offering access to the Tyrrhenian Sea, in northern Sardinia. It is part of the province of Olbia-Tempio and an important centre on the Emerald Coast. Boat owner

Facilities of Porto Cervo Marina

  • Water
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Electricity
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3 Reviews

Value for money
Alexei Gaidar
October 2019
Verified Booking
All is good. All is good.
Richard Cole
July 2019
Verified Booking
Fine views and well run Marina. Views Cleanliness Good Serviced. Modern Marina 6lm from town but later discovered there was a free ferry service. As far as we know this is not publicised.
Attila Csaba
April 2019
A lovely place to visit. A welcoming port, possibly one of the best equipped from this area. Highly recommend!.

Weather in Porto Cervo Marina

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The neighborhood

Porto Cervo Marina is located in Sardinia.

Sardinia (also known as Sardegna in Italian and Sardigna in Sardinian) is an autonomous region of Italy that is located in the vicinity of Corsica, Sicily and Provences. It is known to be the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily and before Cyprus and it has its capital at Cagliari, the Sardinia's main and most populous city.

Well-known as a paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is a wonderful piece of heaven where the waters are crystal clear and the touristic resorts are fantastic. The north of the island includes some of the most interesting and spectacular places and marinas in Sardinia. The island receives a great number of tourists each year thanks to its ideal weather conditions, its excellent cuisine and its natural beauties.

Sardinia takes its name from the Latin Sardinia, as the Romans called it. According to archaeological evidence, Sardinia seems to be one the oldest structures in Europe. The tourists will be fascinated by the megalithic structures that date from the Mesolithic period, the Bronze Age and other ancient periods of time. Some of the most important structures that are being protected nowadays are the “nuraghi”, which are tower fortresses that date since 1500 BC and were built by the Nuragic civilisation. Being a centre of a large trading industry in those times, Sardinia was enriched with many buildings and monuments, as well as a level of sophistication that is quite rare in Europe.

Today, Sardinia has an endless list of touristic attractions that are worth visiting due to their historical and cultural importance, but also to their unique beauty. The nord-west coast of Sardinia that goes from Bosa to Castelsardo is among the most popular and appreciated on the island. The main landmarks that manage to charm so many people are Cala Spinsa in santa Teresa di Gallura, Valle della Luna in Capo Testa, Spiaggia del Giunco o Notteri in Villasimius, Spiaggia Rena Bianca, Chiesa di San Giovanni in Sinis in Cabras, Complesso Archeologico di Tamuli in Macomer, Tower of San Pancrazio in Cagliari and many other magnificent beaches, bays, caves and archaeological sites.

The historical and cultural heritage is mostly kept in the well-organized museums in Sardinia, such as Museodel Carbone, Museo Etnografico Galluras, Museo della Maschere Mediterranee, Giuseppe garibaldi Memorial, Casa Zapata and many other thrilling places that are filled with old collections and admirable pieces of history. Even though the island of Sardinia is exceedingly important with regards to the ancient heritage and the powerful culture that is still being promoted worldwide, the modern resorts are also adored by the tourists of all ages and nationalities.

Some of the preferred hotels in Sardinia that offer high standards and exclusive offers are Golf Hoel Is arenas, Colonna Resort, Pullman Timi Sma Sardegna, Cervo Hotel Costa Smeralda Resort, Hotel AbiD’Oru, Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa, La Villa del Re and many others. In Sardinia, the travellers are treated like kings and queens and the daily routine disappears immediately.

The journey that every tourist chooses to spend here will be filled with moments of relaxation, well-being and serenity. Sardegna is a wonderful destination that meets all of the conditions to satisfy the desires of the most pretentious tourists and offer them the time of their lives, on the Mediterranean, emerald shores, at the basis of the mountains, on the hilltops, in the small bays or in the comfort of the hotel room. The perfect keyword to define the island and its services is “luxury”.

This map shows Porto Cervo Marina's specific location.


Marina Rules

To make your stay with us more enjoyable, the following set of guidelines should be followed. These are merely suggested rules of etiquette and regulations to make the Porto Cervo Marina and its facilities more enjoyable for all customers.

1. There is a "NO WAKE" zone throughout the lagoons. Please make sure that you are thoughtful of these areas.

2. Do not leave garbage on the docks to be picked up. Garbage should be bagged, tied and then properly placed in designated receptacles, or placed in the garbage truck, not loosely scattered or abandoned.

3. Oils and fuels should be disposed of properly at the Boat Yard and not in the Marina trashcan. Please ask for assistance when disposing of oils, fuels, or chemicals at the Boat Yard. Your concern for the environment helps.

4. Try not to introduce any effluents into the Marina Lagoon. Use holding tanks if possible.

5. Do not attempt to turn on your own water and electricity. Please have a dock attendant take care of this so you can be properly metered in and out. Using pliers or screwdrivers will damage the equipment, for which you will be charged. It is suggested that you read meters along with our dock attendant to ensure accuracy in your metered charges for utilities.

6. Anyone caught taking water from another yacht's tap shall be responsible for the entire water cost of the metered yacht. Please use your own water.

7. Keep power cords and water hoses in a neat and orderly fashion so that no one will trip in the dark or while carrying objects.

8. Please wash sails on lawn areas where water outlets and drying spaces are available, or do so aboard your yacht.

9. When marking anchor chains with paint, use paper or cardboard beneath your chain to keep wet paint off the docks and other customers' shoes.

10. When cleaning dinghies, make sure you rinse debris and growth off of the docks when finished.

11. Lock your boat when leaving it unattended.

12. Lock your dinghies and outboard at night.

13. Try to keep excessive noise down after 10 pm as some people do need their rest.

14. Boat repairs being performed at the docks should probably not include grinding and/or power sanding.

15. Barbecue and cooking in general is prohibited on the docks. Barbecue and cooking should be done on board in suitable equipment and be self-contained. Any other way is dangerous and frowned upon. Kindly clean up after yourself when finished. Charcoal ash and debris are not to be disposed of into the lagoon.

16. When docking, keep bowsprits and davits over water's edge and not protruding across the docks.

17. If bright deck lights or spotlights are to be used at night, avoid pointing them at nearby boats, especially down at or into their cabins.

18. Try to control your pets. Some people do get upset by having animals on/or around their boat, specially when nature calls on their boat.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

• Marina Office Hours: 7 Days a Week, 8:00am - 8:00pm

• More info about Facilities

- Fuel Services. Fueling depot (national fuel and lubricating oils) at Town Quay. Open every day from: 8.30 am to 1.00 pm and from 2.30 pm to 7.00 pm The fuel service is available on request during winter.

- Used oil collection. Please use the special containers situated at four different points in the marina.

- Laundry. Daily collect and return service.

- Ice. Can be bought from the vending machines at the Marina and transit quay. Tokens available from harbour offices.

- Waste. The service is included in mooring fees . Each berth is equipped with the appropriate bin.

- Supermarket. Supermarkets in the marina Village, in the Porto Cervo village, offer on delivery services. Catering, food and beverage services on request.

- WC/Showers. Open 24h with staff.

- Shipchandler. "Nautica La Marina" and "Cervomare" at the Marina Village.


The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

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