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Nautica Badino, Latium, Italy

Nautica Badino is also known as Marina Badino and it is hosted by the coastal town of Terracina which is a part of the province of Latina and the ancient region of Lazio or Latium. It lies by the Tyrrhenian Sea, in a well-protected environment where modern yachts and boats can be seen. It specializes in nautical activities and offers boat tours and transportation towards other important destinations. Terracina has silent, retired beaches with golden sands and calm waters where travellers can swim and sunbathe. Water sports are quite popular during the summer and active tourists are encouraged to practise their favourite leisure activities. Sublime, scenic views can be seen from the shore which is why this is an ideal destination for those who wish to forget about urban agglomeration for a few days. History enthusiasts will be thrilled by medieval buildings and Roman remains that can be closely admired in town. Hotels like the Hotel Poseidon are friendly and offer great conditions.

Facilities of Nautica Badino


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Cancellation Policy of Nautica Badino : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Latium

The region of Latium is the ancestor of today’s Lazio, which is located in the central area of Italy and it has its capital in Rome. This is an administrative region that is extremely important for the Italian society, giving the fact that it is the most populous region of the country and an important economical centre of it. Lazio or Latium is comprised of the most famous cities in Italy such as Rome, Latina, Fiumicino, Viterbo and many more. The region has 5 large provinces: Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Rome and Viterbo, the city and province of Rome being located in the centre of Latium.

Latium’s history is one of the most important in the world, due to the foundation of Rome on this territory. This fascinating ancient city quickly evolved and grew into the capital of the Roman Empire. Many important names derived from the development of this city and some of the greatest wars took place here, leaving behind an impressive history and a great number of anc... more info