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Port de Castelló, Valencian Community, Spain

Port de Castelló is also known as Port Castello or Puerto de Castello and it is located in Castellon de la Plana, on Costa del Azahar. Travellers will find one of the most popular touristic regions in this area, on a bilingual territory. Castellon’s natural surroundings and its cultural and historical heritage are a perfect combination for an unforgettable journey with Valencian essences. One of the oldest structures in the area is Fadrell’s Moorish Castle, a charming building that has been preserved surprisingly well. Castellon de la Plana is surrounded by imposing mountains and medieval buildings, as well as natural reservations like Parque Natural Islas Columbretes. Fishing, canoeing and sailing are just a few of the activities that will allow travellers to discover hidden gems of nature during their stay. Those who want to add up an adrenaline booster can also try windsurfing, kitesurfing and other water sports. The NH Castellon Minodoro, the Hotel Del Golf Playa are just two of the luxury hotels in Castellon de la Plana.

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Attractions in Valencian Community

The Valencian Community, also known as the Valencian country or just Valencia, is a region in Spain that is known for its modern monuments, its impressive architecture and its cultural heritage. Being divided into three major provinces: Alacant, Castello and Valencia, the city of Valencia is the largest in this historical region and the third largest in the country. The Valencian Community lies on the Mediterranean coast, bordering Catalonia, Aragon, Castile-La Mancha and Murcia. The coastline on this side of Spain is spectacular and it attracts many tourists into a journey of fascinating landscapes, imposing cliffs, relaxing beaches and luxurious holiday resorts. It is visited all year long by travellers from all over the world who are eager to explore this territory and discover its mysteries, as well as the traditions, gastronomy and culture.

The history of the Valencian Country begins with the Iberian people, who lived on this territory before the Roman age. The ... more info