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Port de Pianottoli, Corsica, France

known as Port Abri

Port Abri is also known as Le Port de Plaisance Abri and it is located on the Island of Corcega, in the commune of Pianottoli Caldarello that is also identified as Pianottuli e Caldareddu. This marina is strategically positioned in a sheltered bay, where inspiring landscapes can be admired and stunning, ultramarine waters can be enjoyed right next to the sandy shores. Travellers who reach this destination can choose from many entertaining options, such as diving. The underwater world is fascinating on this side of the coast and water sport enthusiasts will be amazed by its beauty. This is a historically charged location where the archaeological sites of Saint-Jean, the Tour Figari, the Parish Church of the Annunciation and other architectural and cultural monuments can be seen. Pianottoli Caldarello is an ideal destination for those who are looking for some isolation and quietness. The Residence Maeva Hotel U Libecciu is one of the hotels in the area where tourists can accommodate.

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Attractions in Corsica

The island of Corsica, which is also known as Corse in Corsican, is located in the Mediterranean Sea, on the western side of Italy. Corsica’s territory belongs to France but its culture, lifestyle, history, traditions and arts beautifully combine a variety of origins. Today, it is comprised of two departments: Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud, in Upper and Southern Corsica. This island shows off its beauty that can be observed from each angle. We recommend you a Corsica yacht itinerary.

Tourism is an extremely well developed field in this region, having lush holiday resorts, luxurious hotels and vacation rentals, amazing beaches, a luxuriant vegetation, incredible cliffs that were carefully designed by Mother Nature and amazing mountains. The villages and towns in Corsica are picturesque and hide ancient treasures of the world, but the cities are no less spectacular.

Corsica has a continuous and tumultuous history that is simply ... more info