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Spartakhori Marina, Ionian Islands, Greece

Spartakhori Marina is a medium size harbour located in the city of Spartochori with immediate access to the Ionian Sea. It is very well-known among tourists for its multitude of sunbathing areas and sandy beaches. This port is perfect for boat rides along the coastline where the Agiofilli Beach rests. This marvellous beach offers one of the most impressive views in all of Greece as it is surrounded by steep cliffs and luxurious vegetation. Spartochori is also known for some of the best restaurants in Greece. Taste outstanding seafood dishes and amaze your taste buds with the famous Gyros and Souvlaki in these restaurants: Summer Sun and Taverna Lakis. Accommodations are easy to find and will welcome you with open arms. They also provide guided tours of the surrounding areas. Book a luxurious suite in one of these quality hotels: Esperides Resort Hotel and Vliho Bay Hotel Spartakhori Marina is the perfect location for you to enjoy beautiful sights and take a break from the crowded cities.

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Attractions in Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are located on the western side of the Greece, stretching from the north of Epirus to the southern tip of the Peloponnese. This group of islands are strongly connected to Italy, through their fascinating history and great culture. The group is the most popular Greek islands complex of Greece, after the Cyclades and Crete. They distinguish themselves through architecture resembling the Venetian style a great deal, since these islands were occupied by the Venetians in the Medieval times, particularly capital towns such as Corfu Town, Zakynthos Town and Argostoli.

These parts have a delightful medieval air about them, with distinctive Venetian architecture consisting of paved paths, elegant mansions with no balconies and street arches. In addition to a particular architectural style, another feature which sets the Ionians apart from other Greek islands is the stunning natural beauty, full of greenery and wonderful beaches. Among them, Corfu, Zakynthos... more info