We continue our incredible virtual journey across Europe in search of new hidden destinations for an amazing holiday. Maybe you haven’t heard about these places before, but once you find out more about them you will want to put them on your “must see” list. Discover the rest of it in part I.

11. Hvar, Croatia
Back in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Coast, Hvar is an exceptional village, the most populous place in Hvar Island. Turquoise bays, verdant pine forests, beautiful vineyards and sweet-scented lavender fields are some of the best features of this location. It has a very pleasant climate and lots of natural beauties, which make Hvar even more attractive. If you need a marina nearby you could use the Nauticki Centar Hvar.

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Dalmatian coast,Croatia

12. Burano, Italy
Let’s travel to another amazing Italian Island, Burano. Here, just as in Venice, the streets are connected by bridges and canals, situated on the Venetian lagoon. The colorful houses and buildings all around the island create a lovely scenery. It is famous for the lace manufacturing, which is a very old occupation of the locals. If you decide to visit Burano, you have two options for mooring: Vento di Venezia or Marina di Lio Grando both located in Veneto.

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Streets of Burano – Venice, Italy

13. Mellieha, Malta
Next on our journey we are heading to Malta, to a beautiful town, Mellieha. Its northern coast and the bays around the town are very popular, but it is still a calm and relaxing place, together with its white sandy beach. It has very pretty and old churches, like St. Mary, two museums and a few clubs for those who want to party. We recommend Manoel Island Yachts MARINA LTD, in the Central Zone, if you are looking for a suitable port.

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Mellieha, Malta

14. Ploumanac’h, Brittany, France
In the Bretagne region of France, on the Côte de Granit Rose Coast, there is a little fishing village, Ploumanac`h, which is best known for its rosy garnet rocks. Long ago, this holiday destination was very popular to the pirates. It has a very nice beach, the Ploumanac`h-Plage, and a central zone, the Ploumanac`h-Bourg. There is a legend saying that every girl who twinges her finger under the Saint Guirec statue will get married in the same year. A perfect marina to moor your boat is the Port Trebeurden, in Brittany.

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Ploumanach – Brittany, France

15. Cap Ferret, Aquitaine, France
In the region of Aquitaine, in France, there is a special coastal landform, more precisely a headland, named Cap Ferret. It is popular for its lighthouse, but also for its stunning beaches. There are numerous villages, opposite to the Bassin d`Arcachon lagoon, like the Le Canon village. This is a beautiful fishing village, reputed for the oyster production because of the strong currents. It can be a great holiday destination and you could moor you boat at the Port d’Arcachon.

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Le Canon Oyster village – Cap Ferret, Aquitaine, France

16. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
Svefi Stefan is a very famous holiday resort, a little village in Montenegro, which is situated on the Adrian Coast. Almost everybody falls in love with the image of this little island, because of the crystal clear water and the ruby roofs, which are sparkling constantly. The old town is surrounded by two beaches and they are shaped as some real Mediterranean, luxurious resorts. The MC Marina Budva is the perfect place to moor if you choose to come by boat.

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Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

17. The Cinque Terre, Italy
The Cinque Terre, which means “five lands”, is a very special group of five little villages, on the Ligurian Coast, in the La Spezia district. This perfect destination is one of the most beautiful places in the world, conform UNESCO, a pure paradise. The panoramas are breathtakingly stunning and the beaches are a bit rocky, even the little houses are built on rocks. The villages still have that undisputable medieval, romantic spirit. You can use the Porto di Portovenere to moor your boat.

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Cinque Terre, Italy

18. Zadar, Croatia
Our next Croatian beauty is the capital of Dalmatia, Zadar. This town is full of interesting sights like old churches, roman monuments and plenty of museums in the old town. Zadar`s most amazing feature is the sea organ, as they call it, which is a line of stairs into the water, making different sounds and welcoming the Sun. This is also a very popular ritual. You can leave you yacht safely in Zadar Marina, if you like sailing.

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Zadar, Croatia

19. Sintra, Portugal
Our next destination is in Portugal, at about 30 km far from Lisbon, in the town of charmed castles, Sintra. Fairy palaces, luxuriant gardens and mysterious labyrinths describe the best of Sintra. The streets and stairs are perfectly shaped for relaxing walks and the town has amazing greenery. There are interesting villages near the town, for example, Azenhas-do-Nar, which is worthy to be visited. Marina de Cascais is the closest port to Sintra where you can moor safely.

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Sintra, Portugal