We continue our incredible virtual journey across Europe in search of best hidden gems for an amazing holiday. Maybe you haven’t heard about these places before, but once you find out more about them you will want to put them on your “must see” list. Discover the rest of it in part I and part II.

20. Trieste, Italy
Trieste is a port town in eastern Italy and an Episcopal archdeaconry. It is definitely an amazing tourist destination with its most popular site, the Piazza Unita d`Italia, where you can see some fascinating palaces, near the sea. The Corso Italia is a famous street, which had an important role during the history. The whole town is a marine walkway, so there are plenty of possibilities to have a great time. If you decide to visit Trieste by a boat, you can leave it at the Marina San Giusto, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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Trieste Port, Italy

21. Santorini, Greece
Back in Greece, Santorini is a round shaped, group of islands, in the Aegean Sea. Well, if you want to see the most beautiful sunset in the world, you should definitely visit Santorini. It guarantees a great relaxing holiday, and it also has attractive clubs, for those who are looking for entertainment. The closest port near the island is the Vlikhada, which guarantees the safety of your boat.

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Santorini, Greece – Santorini, one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea

22. Lofoten, Norway
Norway is our next destination, more precisely an archipelago, Lofoten, in Nordland. Even if it is a northward location, the climate is often very pleasant. It has more than sixty bridges, tunnels and channels, connecting the whole island. It is one of the most amazing sceneries in Europe. You can moor you boat at the closest port, in Reine, Nordland.

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A beautiful view of norwegian fiords cutting into tall mountains in Lofoten, Norway

23. Kotor, Montenegro
In Montenegro tourists can visit another famous town, Kotor, in the Bay of Kotor. There is a similitude between Kotor and the Norwegian fiords regarding the town`s scenic image. This is an amazing old town and a great holiday resort. Port of Kotor, where you could moor you boat easily, is a very good choice for your boat.

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Panoramic view on Kotor, Montenegro

24. Bonifacio, Corsica
Welcome to Bonifacio , a unique and stunning village in Corsica. The beautiful landscapes, the crystal clear bays and the huge rocks are just a few of the attractions in this amazing village. Even Paul Valery described Bonifacio as a scenic town. The whole village is situated 60 m over the sea and stands on rocks. Port Bonifacio is a great port to leave your boat.

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The city of Bonifacio, Corsica, France

25. Ronda, Spain
Our trip ends in Spain, in Ronda, a little town in Malaga. You can get there very easily from the towns of Andalusia Seville, Granada or Malaga. The Plaza del Toros is the oldest arena built for bull-fighting and it offers visitors a unique experience. If you want to visit Ronda by boat, you could safely land it at the Puerto José Banús.

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Panoramic view of the old city of Ronda, one of the famous white villages, at sunset in the province of Malaga – Andalusia, Spain

Europe offers unlimited choices of beautiful and charming locations. If you want a holiday full of unique and memorable experiences we recommend you to visit some of these amazing hidden gems.