Have you ever asked yourself where are those hidden gems in Europe, which aren’t frequently promoted in tourist guidebooks? What about the amazing and yet to be discovered islands and the little enchanting villages? When we are thinking about our next holiday, we should leave behind our limited thinking and we will discover new destinations. Let us see some new tips regarding our upcoming vacation with some stunning ideas.

1. Civita di Bagnoregio, Lazio, Italy
Our first destination is in Italy, but this time not Rome or Firenze, but a little town in Lazio, about 90 km from Rome. It is definetly not famous for its easy accesibility, but for its historical and geographical characteristics, but it will surely capture your heart. We can trace its existence back in the etruscan period and every tourist is dazzled by its long standing strain. A great marina, where you could leave your boat, is the Cala Galera, in Tuscany.

Civita di Bagnoregio - Lazio, Italy

Civita di Bagnoregio – Lazio, Italy

2. Samos-Kokkari, Greece
Our next stop is in Greece, the country with some of the most fascinating beaches and resorts from which stands out Kokkari beach, situated on the northen coast of Samos Island. This little village captivates the tourists with its lovely beach and nice environement very suitable for a relaxing holiday. It offers several restaurants, hotels and even the possibilty for an interesting hike to explore the nature nearby. Samos Marina is a great choice for your boat.

Kokkari Beach - Samos, Greece

Kokkari Beach – Samos, Greece

3. Preko, Croatia
If we are talking about beautiful islands, we have to mention the magical Ugljan Island and its biggest and busiest village, Preko, in Croatia. In this amazing spot we can definitely identify the Dalmatian architecture`s aspects, along with the rough stone houses and the villas of the nobilities. It is very close to Zadar but, actually from Preko, it is easy to get at any other neighbouring towns and villages. There is a little island, named Galevac, opposite to Preko, which has interesting greenery. The closest port where you can moor is the Dalmacija Marina, in Zadar.

Ugljan - Preko, Croatia | MarinaReservation.com

Ugljan – Preko, Croatia

4. Positano, Italy
Among Italy`s loveliest landscapes we have to mention the Amalfi Coast and take a look at Positano village. This amazing location seduces tourist coming from all over the world, very interestingly situated on the side of a mountain, just like a bird nest. Positano is a magical village, the crystal clear water blends with the blue sky and the colorful houses together with the steep streets create a wonderful scenery. Both Porto di Amalfi – Coppola Marina Dock, in Campania, can offer great possibilities for those who go there by a boat.

Positano Italy - Berth Booking with MarinaReservation.com

Positano – Italy

5. Menton, France
The French Riviera is one of the most fascinating places in Europe, so we have to mention Menton, the town which shares great cultural and historical values. It is situated very close to the frontier between France and Italy, on the Ligurian Coast. The pretty old town, the beautiful gardens and the peaceful environment guarantees a great holiday. Like almost every other town on French Riviera, Menton provides as well a great port for the tourists, a local one, Port de Menton – Port de Garavan.

Medieval town of Menton - French Riviera, France

Medieval town of Menton – French Riviera, France

6. Tellaro, Italy
Back in Italy, we are heading to Tellaro, an ancient, romantic village, situated in Liguria, near to Toscana. Tellaro is a truly hidden gem, a lovely little village with colorful houses and fishing boats, in the Golf of Poets. It has an attractive beach and a lookout tower from where tourists can enjoy amazing views, but we can also take long walks through the village. The nearest marina is Porto Lotti, which guarantees the safety of your boat.

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Tellaro – Liguria, Italy

7. Cavtat, Croatia
Another well-known tourist destination in Croatia is Cavtat, near Dubrovnik, on the Adrian Coast. This little fishing village has a beautiful church, a nice walkway, where you can also have a look at the house belonging to Blaise Bukovac, the greatest Croat painter. It can be very attractive for those who like sailing because they have the possibility to moor their yachts in the local port, enjoy great meals or spend the night in the local hotels.

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Cavtat, Croatia

8. Alberobello, Italy
Our next Italian town has a very interesting distinctiveness: the typical stone dwellings of Apulia, called the Trulli roofs. This little village is renowned for these stone roofs, which were made without any other material. An amazing spot in this location is Zona dei Trulli that has more than 1500 houses with this type of roofs. It is also famous for its unique gastronomy. If you need a great marina to moor your boat, we recommend Cala Ponte Marina, in Apulia.

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The typical stone dwellings of Apulia, called the Trulli roofs

9. Piran, Slovenia
The next stop is in Piran, Slovenia, a lovely, pleasant port-town situated on the Adriatic Coast. It is definitely the best choice for a beach holiday in Slovenia. The streets are a bit narrow but you can walk along the old buildings and take a look at the old town. It has a very nice beach and we recommend trying out their local foods as well. Portoroz Marina is the closest port, where you could leave your yacht safely.

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Piran, Croatia

10. Portofino, Italy
Another Ligurian treasure in Italy is Portofino. This little village is very frequented, especially during the summer, and tourists can enjoy the nice weather and take advantage of the local facilities. If the sun shines in Portofino, the port fills up with yachts and visitors often choose to hike, give scuba-diving a try or just simply enjoy the sun on the beach. The local port is called Marina di Portofino, which can be a great choice for mooring.

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Portofino – Ligurian coast, Italy