In the summertime the water gets warmer, the nights are longer and our life simply gets better. Europe has so many hidden islands, undiscovered places and amazing landscapes. We all have favorite destinations on our bucket list already prepared, but we never seem to have enough choices. So here are some tips of great locations where you will be amazed by the tranquility of the nature. A holiday is about recreation and refreshing and some of us need a peaceful place for this.

1. Porquerolles, France

Our journey starts on the French Riviera, along the Mediterranean Sea, between Marseille and Cannes, on Porquerolles Island. This is the most beautiful and the biggest island among the Îles d’Hyères and its shape reminds us of a broken arch. Even though this beautiful spot belongs to France, in the summertime the tourists lay claim to it as well. They say this is the best place for biking and admiring the beautiful landscape at the same time. The soft sandy beaches, with a scent of pine and rosemary in the breeze, create the most romantic ambience that is only completed with their famous rosé wine. The Plage d’Argent and the Plage Notre Dame are the main beaches where you can have a great time with your friends. The whole island is a natural reservation so you can’t reach there by car, but the Port des Porquerolles is situated on the island and you can moor your boat safely.

Porquerolles Island, France res

2. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Who doesn’t wish for a holiday on this idyllic island? Svefi Stefan is a very famous holiday resort, a little village in Montenegro, which is situated on the Adrian Coast. Almost everyone falls in love with the scenery in this little island because of the crystal clear water and the ruby roofs which are sparkling constantly. The old town is surrounded by two beaches and they are shaped as some real Mediterranean, luxurious resorts. Stefi Stefan is mostly visited for its old and historical town built on the island. Budva is also very close and it is just as beautiful. It has stunning beaches, and just like in Stefi Stefan, tourists can visit the wonderful old town. The MC Marina Budva, in Budva, is the perfect place for your yachts, if you choose to come by one.

Sveti Stefan resort, Montenegro

3. Colonsay, Scotland

Our next destination is in the Isle of Colonsay, an island situated in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It is mostly renowned for its rich wildlife and numerous plants and also for its stunning beaches. The Kiloran Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches and is definitely the best destination if you want stillness and intimacy. Life is peaceful on the island and only the twittering of the birds or the crashing of the waves might break the tranquility of the place. The deserted golden dunes seduce everybody. This little island has a very small population, about 110 people, and they also have an annual festival, the Ceòl Cholasa, to celebrate their community. It is a perfect destination for recreation and if you need a place to moor your boat Marina Ardfern Yacht Centre is a very good choice.

Isle of Colonsay beach res

4. Saaremaa, Estonia

Saaremaa is the biggest island in Estonia’s western coast and the perfect destination for an untroubled holiday. This beautiful spot will pique your curiosity and will make you want to discover the rest of the country. The recreation is guaranteed and your only duty is to relax and enjoy the surroundings because here, in Saaremaa, the clock stops and you don`t need to worry about anything. The island is thick with pine forests, windmills and pristine beaches. Not far from Kuressaare, the capital of the island, there is a very unique place, where thousands of years ago, a meteor stroke across the sky and exploded. The crater’s diameter is 100 metres and there is a little green lake in the middle of it which is very attractive for tourists. The island can be officially called a historical gem as it was inhabited by the eastern Vikings and is full of various and unique history. The closest port is the Kuivastu Marina, which is perfect for mooring.

Saaremaa island, Estonia res

5. Samothraki, Greece

When we talk about Greece, we automatically imagine crowded beaches and teeming streets. This time we are roaming to a beautiful and hidden island, on the north-eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, to Samothraki. This island shows the Greek ambience with great authenticity and has one of the most amazing landscapes among the Greek islands. Its highest mountain, the 1.611 metres high Mount Fengari, reigns on the island with amazing dignity. In the southern side of the island visitors can discover the white-sand beaches and the olive tree woods; while the eastern side offers bushy forests with splayed rivers and waterfalls. The freshwater lakes increase the bathing possibilities. If you choose to visit Samothraki, you should also pack a pair of walking-boots to enjoy hiking. We recommend trying out their food specialities as well, especially the wide range of goat based peculiarities. You can moor your boat in the modern port of Kamariótissa, in East Macedonia and Thrace.

Island of Samothraki in Greece res

6. Comino, Malta

If you dream of crystal-clear and turquoise water, we recommend Malta’s stunning island, Comino. Between Gozo and Malta this little island is a hidden paradise. The island’s most famous attraction is the Blue Lagoon, which is frequented by most of the mooring and scuba diving lovers. During the French Conquest it was used as a prison, as a military territory, but later on, because of the epidemic cholera, the access was closed. The name of the island comes from the cumin condiment. Comino has tourists all year long as it is lovely in every season and in the wintertime is especially visited by photographers for its unique scenery. It can be a great honeymoon destination too. The wildlife reserves a high range of bird species, but other small-statured animals as well. You can moor in Manoel Island Yacht Marina LTD. in Central Region, if you choose yachting.

Yacht in Comino - Malta res

7. Texel, Netherlands

Finally, on the northern coastline of Netherlands, between The Wadden Sea and The North Sea, Texel is a small island located at about 78 km from Amsterdam. This is not a typical holiday destination, but if you want something different from the crowded Amsterdam or the port town Rotterdam you will be hypnotised by Texel. In this magic spot nature rules everything and the scenery of the white sand beaches meeting the wild nature is unique. If you just want to escape the crowded holiday destinations Texel is the perfect choice. The red lighthouse of Texel is one of the most visited curiosities on the island, which is a true gem with the surrounding little houses. This exquisite lighthouse, that is still working, can be seen from almost every part of the island, especially at night. Walking on the beach, watching the sunset and listening to the seagulls can be a dream come true for many tourists. The climate is not the warmest, but the sunshine and the island’s spirit create a lovely atmosphere. The Waddenhaven Texel Marina, also known as Jachthaven Texel and Port of Texel, is the perfect choice for you to leave your boat.

Lighthouse of Texel res

It is said that summer ends as quickly as our childhood, so let’s travel and enjoy every moment of the warmth of this season. When you plan your summer holiday, the two most important aspects to be considered are the weather and the destination. The weather is always changing, but, regarding the destination you have now plenty of ideas for your next holiday. You just have to decide what you want and start building memories that will last forever.