Boat names: the best and most famous yacht names

Boat and yacht names

Are you passionate about sailing and decided to take this pleasure to the next level by purchasing a boat? If the answer is yes, be aware that a difficult challenge is lying ahead: choosing the boat name.

You got here wondering why ships and boats have names? The main reason for boats having names is for identification purposes, to identify other boats at sea, for people is more easily to identify which boat they would board and describing a boat by using its name is a lot easier than trying to describe it by using a physical description.

This beauty that just entered your life needs to be named and it’s up to you to shape its personality and allow it to highlight yours. We love boating as much as you do, so we decided to do some research to help you choose the best boat name. Here are some tips that will help you name your boat.

What are the most popular boat names

On a top ten list of the most common boat names that stuck to our mind, we included the following.

  • 1. Serendipity
  • 2. Liberty
  • 3. Escape
  • 4. Blue Moon
  • 5. Spirit
  • 6. Destiny
  • 7. Carpe Diem
  • 8. Serendipity
  • 9. Relentless
  • 10. Aquaholic

How about you, do these names ring a bell? We’re sure they do and we’re also sure it’s already becoming easier to brainstorm and try to come up with a perfect name for your vessel.

boat names

In addition to the tips above, here is a short list of boat names that fall into the following categories which might facilitate your endeavor. Our boat name suggestions are:

Clever boat names

In addition to the tips above, here is a short list of yacht names that fall into the following categories which might facilitate your endeavor. Our boat name suggestions are:

Breezin Diversion Destiny Seas the Day
Sea-licious Seaduction Sea King Adventure Venus
Reel Magic Mojo Fantasea Bacchus
Castaway Escape Golden Hour Zen
Outcast Time Out Off the Hook Eros
Ashore Bet Wanderlust Maestro Yolo

Your choice should be one that feels most comfortable. Make a shortlist, sleep on it and speak about your options with friends and family before deciding. You will be surprised how helpful such a brain storm is when making such a long-lasting decision. After all, is them also who will enjoy your new vessel.

Funny boat names

Having a cool, clever, or funny name for your yacht, sailboat, or other water vessel is practically a requirement to remain in good standings with the others. A funny name it says the people inside are fun people, they are enjoying themselves.

Happy Hours Shore Thing Devocean Up To No Good
Knot Working Debaitable Gypsea Karma
Get Your Fish On Bail Out Aquaphile Wet dream
Liquid Asset Neptune’s Glory In Deep Ship Sea ya 
Mental Floss Seaclusion Octopussy High Time
Predator Rubber Ducky Mmmbob Rock Bottom

The funniest boat names

Are you curious about the funniest boat names? These amused us the most:

  • Water You Lookin’ At?
  • The Codfather
  • What’s up Dock?
  • Sea Señor or Sea Señora
  • Knot on Call
  • Seas the Day
  • Error 404
  • My Option II
  • Whatshername
  • Kids’ Inheritance

Talk about a conversation starter! These hilarious boat names are sure to have their attention and get a few laughs!

Cool boat names

The great boat names give folks pause as they think of the cleverness or humor of the selected choice. It seems that nearly everyone loves to relax on a boat on the water.

Utopia Current Obsession Victory Sea Dancer
Motion Granted Tide Runner Sea Quest Forever Young
The Storyteller Salty Dog Pier Pressure Solace
Reel Fun Joyful Sea Ya Aquaholic
Knot On Call Wine Down La Dolce Vita Seas the Day

And, these same folks appreciate a well-chosen word or two. A good boat name brings a smile or a chuckle, and a great boat name really makes an impression

Unique and creative boat names

Boating can teach you a number of things: resourcefulness, independence, geography, cooking and of course, a wealth of information about fantastic legends, eerie seafaring stories and more.

Graceful Dancer Odyssey Pegasus Osprey
Comfortably Numb Ding A Ling Serendipity Virgin Mary
Rock Heart Pura Vida Tenacious  Misty
Gordon Gekko Pacific Bliss Escapade Vertigo
Black Pearl Destiny Whisper Aristotle
Wanderlust Little Shop of Horrors Onyx One Moor Time

When choosing a name, consider the image it creates to others. Take your time and consider, most of all, what fits your boat, your values and your lifestyle.

Majestic boat names

  • Graceful Dancer
  • Bella Luna
  • Pacific Bliss
  • Pura Vida
  • Black Pearl
  • Wanderlust
  • Misty
  • Odyssey
  • Serendipity
  • Osprey
  • Escapade
  • Destiny

Famous boat names

Naming or renaming a boat is not a task to be taken lightly; it requires thought and careful consideration. Looking to famous legends is a fantastic way to find a name.

In case you’re wondering, these are the most famous boat names.

Perseverance Black Pearl Wizard Artemis
Venus Gone Fission Arabella Knot on Call
Atlantis Titanic Albatross Aurora
Therapy Orca Island Time Apollo
Liberty Nautilus The Queen Mary Second Wind
Calypso Freedom Fantasea Sea Patroller

Classy boat names

Remember that classic names don’t have to be boring. In our opinion some of the classiest boat names are the ones named after owner’s loved ones, idols, from art, literature or appreciated characters in history. This says a lot about your personality, your heritage, and education package.

Splendour Legacy Aurora Enterprise Champagne On Deck
Oasis Magnolia Caruso Wildflower
Abigail Twilight Leviathan Spartacus
Atlas Peridot Serenity Magenta
Aristocrat Splendour Proteus Sea Nymph
Exodus Andromeda Mariposa Zeus

Fishing boat names

You have many options if you’re choosing a name for a fishing boat. You’ll either have it for personal use or for charter, you can go for terms associated with fishing tackle or simply the pleasure of fishing.

Gone Fishin’ Bait Master Sea Nymph Reelaxing
Fat Chance Lady Luck Freedom Strike
Fish Tales What-a-Fish Kingfisher Knot for Reel
Ahoy Pelican Reel Secrets Proteus
Fishtail Reel Deal The Codfather Fish N’ Ships
Turtle About Time Yeah Buoy Dolce Vita

Best yacht names

Everyone loves a great yacht, so who wouldn’t love a list of the best yacht names? We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best names for yachts.

All SeaZenFortunaOasisSummer Melody
AtlantisFantaseaOdysseySea Pearl
AllegriaHonorOcean BlueSerenity
Black PearlIndependencePassionSea Senora
Carpe DiemLady in BlueSummer BreezeSilencio
Dolce VitaMamma MiaSea HopeUlysse
Endless SummerMy SecretSeatiusWhite Pearl
FreedomNo RegretsSolarisWhat a Life

Boat names for family

Boating is a great way to bring the families together. A family boat is a vehicle that brings your family closer and ensures the mental well-being of everyone. The name must be associated with the family, which completely represents your family’s significance and the connection between them.

Family Time Prawn Star Cracker Jack Love Bonds
Washer Weakender The Good Life Cloud Nine
Positive Vibes Yes Please! Dawn Patrol Royal
Happy Family Teachable Moments Son-shine Therapy
Va Bene Ultramarine Oh Fudge! Family Affair
Judge and Jury Oasis Uncle Iggy Dream Catcher

“It’s not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that’s what a ship needs but what a ship is…what the Black Pearl really is…is freedom.”

— Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

What are the most famous boat and yacht names in the history

Boats have always fascinated making since remote times. Moreover, they often paid a crucial role in milestone events like battles and expeditions. Here are some inspiring names that made history:

  • USS Arizona: this boat witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack that occurred in 1941
  • Mayflower: this boat carried the Pilgrims on the American Continent in 1620
  • Santa Maria: Columbus discovered the New World sailing in this renowned vessel
  • Mighty Mo alias USS Missouri: this is the boat that witnessed the end of World War II
  • HMS Virginia: the famous ship guided by Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar
  • HMS Victory: one of the oldest vessels, it hosted European fleets in the 18th century
  • USS Maine: another historical vessel that was subject to a mysterious explosion in 1985
  • Titanic: this iconic ship needs no further presentations. If you haven’t seen David Cameron’s most famous movie, it’s worth to give it a try at least for the vessels’ replica.
famous boat names
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Naming your boat by boat type

Whoever knows a little bit about sailing is aware that boats come in a vast range of shapes and styles designed to serve different purposes. To give weight to your boat and emphasize its unique qualities, you must choose a proper name according to its features. Here are some of our ‘pairing’ suggestions.

  • Bass Boats: these slim vessels used for fishing ought to state their function. Fish Tales is a common name that can inspire you, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty other great names that ‘have fish’ in them. Check out fishing tips here.
  • Motor Yacht Boats: these fast and modern beauties deserve a name that reflects their qualities like Pegasus, Zephyr, Freedom, Carpe Diem, Wind Seeker, Tide Runner, Escape.
  • Houseboats: utterly luxurious vessels that can make you feel like lodging in a 4-stars hotel so why shy from showing it? La Dolce Vita, Dream Weaver, Serenity Now, The Good Life are some boat name suggestions.
  • Cabin Cruise Boats: these are some of the coziest and most charming vessels you simply fall in love with. This feeling is prone to show through a personal touch, so they are often named after someone or something you truly hold dear.

Everyone wants to show they are skillful and serious about being on the water, so choose a name for your boat that reflects how comfortable you are on the water.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that now you feel more inspired in choosing the best boat name. If you are also interested in other topics related to boating, don’t forget to check out the rest of our articles.

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