Assuming you need opportunity, outside, and experience, you will track down everything in one spot, and that is the ocean. What’s more, assuming you need the best of these encounters, you will track them down in a single spot, and that is Ponant.

Envision yourself relaxing on the top deck of a ship, a cold mixed drink in one hand, floating easily through the vast sea with a 360° front seat view; that is a fantastic encounter each ocean sweetheart tries to encounter one day. Furthermore, this is precisely the exact thing what luxury cruise with Ponant is about.

Luxury over anything

When you have installed a Ponant luxury ship, you are ensured the most excellent experience of cruising everywhere. The ship has a huge number of luxury lodges, staterooms, and suites. The ocean is an outlandish spot to invest energy in, as is the Ponant cruise. The journey guarantees colorful and quiet perspectives. Ponant has a mix of luxury, closeness, and prosperity. If set forth plainly, Ponant is simply one more word for a luxury cruise.

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The insides are planned in a delicate and mitigating tone; excellence and class are what they depict. The refined plans and insides guarantee to give a special encounter.

The French touch

Being a French cruise ship administrator, Ponant will undoubtedly maintain and give its visitors awesome and the most legitimate French culture. Be it the French approach to everyday life or the French cooking, Ponant offers its visitors the chance to have a unique encounter propelled by French culture.

Cooking styles and indulgences

With regards to exhibiting French culture, French food turns into an obvious approach to making it happen. The conventional and heavenly French bread, French wines, desserts, other French rarities, and so on, they have it.

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With free drinks with limitless beverages all through your journey, what more does one need on a sumptuous outing in the sea?

Amazing skill

The staff, on any cruise of Ponant, is incredibly proficient. The administrations are excellent. Regardless of how unforgiving the weather conditions are out there in the ocean, the extraordinarily skilled staff will establish a warm and agreeable climate for the visitors.

Feasible travel

Ponant associates with the climate in two ways. One is by taking its travelers to the most outlandish and especially gorgeous spots in the lap of nature, and the second is by moving toward a feasible and ecologically cognizant approach to voyaging. Decreasing the utilization of single-utilized plastic and other non-recyclable items, overseeing waste age, ceasing from utilizing weighty energies that contaminate the climate, and various advances make Ponant an exemption among different cruises.

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Different administrations

The solace of the travelers and visitors is of highest need, so it turns into a need to offer a large group of administrations other than the essential ones. Ponant offers its travelers onboard clothing administrations.

Booking a cruise is a drawn-out task, yet to work on it, Ponant offers master help to every one of its clients, right from choosing the reasonable bundle for them to their onboarding on the cruise.

The innovation at the core of PONANT ship plans

  • Sonar framework for the location of sandbars to stay away from contact with ice shelves and reefs
  • Refrigerant gas (R407C) is utilized for cooling and refrigeration units. It no affects the ozone layer and has an exceptionally low effect on the ozone harming substance impact
  • Low energy and low intensity discharging lighting framework (Drove and fiber optic based)
  • Dynamic situating framework that aides (when required) keep a vessel’s situation without mooring in touchy marine conditions like coral reefs, in this manner safeguarding the seabed
  • The most recent generators are outfitted with an incorporated electronic control framework to improve their working
  • Without tin antifouling paint to safeguard marine biological systems however much as could be expected
  • Continuous energy-utilization computation devices to decrease energy utilization
  • Introducing inflexible sail impetus on Le Ponant, our notorious ship throughout the previous 30 years
  • Accommodating our whole armada with the Whales Hostile to Impact Framework (WACS), a framework for forestalling crashes among ships and whales
  • Fitting each ship with ROVs (Remotely Worked Vehicles), little underwater robots, to assess frames and guarantee that they are perfect.
  • Completing an effect concentrate on following a test on silicone paint called “dolphin skin” utilized on L’Austral. This strategy limits the ships’ utilization and can be stretched out to the whole armada. Different tests will be completed to streamline water obstruction.

Leave on a luxury cruise with Ponant!

For over 30 years, the group of experienced experts, the perfect help, and the high gastronomy served on board have made Ponant a definitive benchmark for luxury cruises and campaigns all over the planet.

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The historical backdrop of Ponant in a couple of key dates.

A youthful official of the Vendor Naval force and travel fan, Jean-Emmanuel SAUVE chooses to send off a creative idea: advancing the specialty of ocean travel in the best French custom.

We are then in 1986 and the venture is as yet called “The French method of Ocean”. After two years, it’s The Ponant Islands Organization which is conceived, started by 14 youthful investors, and newly moved on from the Trader Naval force.

The experience truly starts when the Le Ponant ship project – and that implies west in Latin – is sent off in 1989. This legendary boat was consummated two years after the fact at the Villeneuve-La-Garenne shipyards and in May 1991, she cast off and made her most memorable cruise, heading for the legendary Caribbean archipelago.

The year 2007 addresses a significant new defining moment for the house since under the stimulus of the new gathering CMA CGM, she left on the plan of a cruise ship impeccably consolidating best-in-class innovation, close size, and top-of-the-range administrations.

Joining the gathering ARTEMIS en 2015, PONANT proceeds with its turn of events and seeks after its methodology of advancement and greatness while keeping up with its internationalization. The next year, the world forerunner in luxury shipping reported the request for the series PONANT.

An extraordinary armada

PONANT welcomes you to (re)discover stunning objections on board its ships, all flying the French banner. It is difficult to discuss their armada without referencing Le Ponant.

This exquisite boat with 3 poles with 32 lodges, the principalship and established component of the organization, is ideal for a cruise with a cozy and cordial climate. Comes next to Le Boreal. Underlying 2009, this first model of a progression of sisterships won the honor of the « Best Newbie of the year – GOLD » granted by the European Cruiser Affiliation (EUCRAS). The Austral, Le Soléal et Le Lyrial additionally have a place with this gathering of four lavish ships 132 lodges, with clearheaded and refined lines.

Among the furthest down-the-line augmentations to the armada, we additionally find the PONANT Wayfarer, six uncommon yachts exceptionally intended for endeavors, especially tropical ones.

With a most extreme limit of 264 travelers, the company’s vessels on a human scale and at the bleeding edge of innovation make it conceivable to best save your security. During a Ponant 5-star luxury cruise, you will have the sensation of being ready for your ship.

The year 2017 is set apart by a significant occasion: the request for the principal luxury polar investigation boat, an electric half-breed, fueled by condensed flammable gas (LNG) on the planet.

From 2021, The Authority Charcot will make it conceivable to arrive at the geographic North Pole, cross the Cold Sea, to find the super upper east of Greenland. You can now continue in the strides of the best pioneers, to find outrageous domains, up until recently never investigated. A world first that will please swashbucklers and different hikers!

Confirmation that 30 years after its creation, the PONANT armada like never before addresses the image of the French specialty of living.

“French-style” cruises to dream objections

Group carefulness, faultless help, the mark of the plan, fine cooking went with excellent French wines. PONANT ships take you to find extraordinary objections in a nonchalantly exquisite air, dear to travelers.

Whether they are into culture, unwinding, or undertaking, PONANT offers selective courses answering all longings! A nature escape in Northern Europe, a journey of revelation in South America, Oceania, or Asia, an untainted cruise in the Caribbean, or an experience in the core of Antarctic ice.

Their ships will permit you to investigate each mainland and consistently in the long-lasting appreciation for the climate – from ship plan to arrivals – genuine added esteem!

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A special travel insight, off in an unexpected direction

For over 30 years, PONANT cruises have offered radiant enclosures of getaway. Picking a PONANT “Endeavor” cruise implies settling on the blend of solace, refinement, and revelation. Whatever the objective, from the polar ice covers to the incomparable Amazonian streams, from the lost tidal ponds of the Pacific to the wildernesses of Borneo, PONANT takes you off in an unexpected direction, a long way from the bustling ocean courses.


Joined by an undertaking group made of passionate specialists and researchers, you can then live outstanding minutes nearer to nature, in the core of virgin domains and locales consolidating dreams and genuineness, find different societies and customs, and even areas of strength for offer with local clans on the opposite side of the globe.