New Measures for the Spanish Marinas

Due to the diminished number of Covid-19 cases which are registered on a daily basis in Spain, the government has decided to slowly restart the yachting industry by lifting some restrictions, decision which was long-awaited by the yacht owners and boaters in general.

Port de Soller Spanish Marinas
Port de Soller

Among the activities which are allowed we mention the repair and maintenance of the boats, the sea trials (for refueling, emergencies), and shipyard are working as normal and work in the marinas and the shipyards is permitted. Sending and receiving parcels (including spare parts for the boat) functions normally.

New information regarding the Yachting industry and the marinas from Spain

According to Pedro Sánchez – the Spanish Prime Minister, a few very important health measures are mandatory to both the marinas and their clients, as follows:

  1. Boats are accepted into the marinas if they already have a confirmed reservation and the boaters must respect the current regulations imposed by the Spanish government.
  2. All the crew members must have with them documents attesting their profession as well as their work contract; furthermore, it is forbidden to welcome guests on board.
  3. Crew members that are residents of the Balearic Islands are allowed to go home but they must respect the imposed mobility restrictions. If the crew members are not residents of the Balearics, they have to stay on the boat and follow the travel restrictions.
  4. In case of any works done to the boat by a non-crew member, they must respect all health formalities imposed by the Government and also the rules of the boat.
  5. Any crew member who is not from Spain and the Balearic islands can travel only if they have upon them the boat registration document, the work contract, a letter from the marina and from the vessel’s captain, stating the location of the boat. The delivery crew who won’t stay on the boat must leave the island, unless they are residents of the Balearic.

To reinforce the above-mentioned rules, a plan consisting of 4 phases was also explained by the Ministry of Transport:

First and foremost, PHASE 0 has started from the 4th of May, stating that boat owners could visit their vessels with the condition that it is located in the same municipality; they could also carry our nautical activities, but under the same condition.

Secondly, PHASE 1 was implemented from the 11th of May, the use of the boats for recreational purposes, both private and commercial is allowed with a limited number of guests on board in the same region/island, following strict sanitary measures, such as the disinfection of the boat.

Furthermore, PHASE 2, from the 25th of May, yachting is permitted with a larger number of guests on board, in the same province and cruising is allowed. in the same province/island. Sailing courses are also permitted.

Finally, PHASE 4 will be put into use starting with the second half of June, when all yachting activities will be allowed, only the sanitary measures will be mandatory, as well as taking into consideration the geographical boundaries.

From today, Monday 11 May, around 51% of the Spanish population moves to Phase One of the government’s four-phase plan to lift lockdown restrictions.

Please note that not all of Spain has moved to Phase1, only half of the country. Some provinces will have to wait until 25th of May:

  • Balearic Islands – The island of Formentera in the Balearic Islands was already in Phase One. Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca move to Phase One on Monday, 11th of May.
  • Canary Islands – The islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Graciosa in the Canary Islands were already in Phase One, on 11th of May.
  • Catalonia – move to Phase One on Monday, 11th of May.
    Basque Country – The entire Basque Country moves to Phase One on Monday, 11th of May.
  • Andalusia – The provinces of Almería, Jaén, Córdoba, Seville, Cádiz and Huelva move to Phase One on Monday, 11th of May.
  • Valencia – Valencia region has three provinces – Valencia, Castellón, and Alicante. Parts of the Valencia region will move to Phase One on Monday, 11th of May. and other parts remain in Phase Zero.
  • Galicia – The whole region of Galicia (Lugo, La Coruña, Ourense and Pontevedra) moves to Phase One on Monday, 11th of May.