Blue Flag, the well known international organization that offers a Blue Flag distinction to beaches and marinas that complies with all the criteria demanded, extends its field of activity beyond the shore. Starting from April 2016, the Blue Flag International Jury will also award boat tour operators from the marine industry.
The world’s leading eco-label came up with new rules for boat tourism activities. Tour operators must provide high quality tourism services with an environmental educational context. Starting this year, tour operators that offer boat programs such as diving, whale watching, nature watching, recreational fishing and charter trips can be awarded if they match with Blue Flag’s strict set of criteria.

“The Blue Flag program offers a global standard which boat operators around the world should strive to help maintain a healthy ocean – for animals and humans alike”, says Cynde McInnis, co-chair of the World Cetacean Alliance.

The Blue Flag International Jury will be evaluating the first ever sustainable boating tourism operator candidates on 13th of April in Copenhagen, Denmark. The results will be available on Blue Flag’s International website on 24th of May 2016. For more information about the criteria, we advise you to visit Blue Flag’s official website.

The Blue Flag is run by FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education. The Blue Flag activity was started in France in 1985. It has been running in Europe since 1987 and outside Europe since 2001. At the moment it has become a global standard with an impressive number of countries participating.
Important partners such as International Union for Conservation of Nature European Environment Agency and International Council of Marine Industry Associations already showed their support for the new team created.
Over the years, the Blue Flag has become a highly respected and recognised eco-label, trying to ensure a sustainable tourism.