The cheapest marinas for wintering in Croatia

The cheapest marinas for wintering in Croatia offer a wide variety of services. They are located in different parts of this beautiful coastal country that’s bathed by the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia’s marinas are a good option for wintering as they offer affordable rates and a good departure point to other sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. Check out the best and cheapest marinas in Croatia where you can anchor your boat next winter.

Marina Baotic is located in Seget Donji, a couple of minutes away from the airport of Split. This marina is proud of its services and their high level of quality. There are 400 berths here on the land and in the water. Although the cozy atmosphere of Marina Baotic is similar to that of a little coastal village, here you can find top-notch facilities, including nautical services, filling station, diagnostic, maintenance, repairs, accommodation and shopping facilities, fitness center, swimming pool.

Baotic Marina offers both annual and daily berthing throughout the year for boats of various lengths ranging between 8 and 35 meters. The fees for daily berthing start from 64 euros (until 8 m LOA). The daily berth price for a 9-10 m boat length is 74 euros. The annual berth price on land for a 9-10 m LOA is 2270 euros.

Marina Cervar is situated in the close proximity of Poreč, in the holiday resort called Červar-Porat. This harbor offers a wide range of services including a repair shop, a 15-tone crane, mechanic and electronics engineering expertise, shops, a restaurant and plenty more. Marina Cervar can host up to 259 boats. The maximum draft allowed here is 5 meters and the boats may vary in length from 3 to 25 meters. Monthly berth rental prices start from 360 euros and depend on the boat’s length.

Marina Kastela is located in Split, only 7km away from the airport. It has 420 wet berths and 200 dry berths. It is one of the most popular marinas for wintering in Croatia. Kastela Marina boasts modern facilities and it was designed by world-renowned architects.

Here, you can take part in the training courses, regattas and events organized by the International Sailing Center of Marina Kastela. The prices for dry winter storage vary according to the boat’s length and width and start from 807 euros (VAT tax included).

Marina Kremik is situated South of Šibenik, in a splendid area that is also famous for its vineyards. Marina Kremik is carefully nestled in a protected bay that can keep your boat safe during the winter months. Moreover, the marina also has good connections to the Dalmatian coast by land.

Kremik Marina provides finger berths, but also moorings for big vessels. There is a total of 393 wet moorings and 150 dry berths. Marina Kremik’s offer includes technical services, nautical shop, petrol station, market, restaurant, reception. Winter mooring includes the place, crane services, keel washing, towing. Fees for land storage in winter start from 480 euro for boats which are 8-9 m long.

Martinis Marchi is located on the beautiful island of Šolta in the same area as the famous Martinis Marchi castle, hence the name of the marina. This is a unique marina whose services reflect the elegance and opulence of the luxurious hotel situated on the premises. The 50 berths of Martinis Marchi are covered in marble and ensure access to water and electricity. Bigger yachts up to 35 m are welcomed on the waterfront and near the breakwater.

Monthly berth prices in the off-season start from 690 euro for a 8-9 m LOA. Daily berth prices in the same period start from 23 euros for boats with 8-9 meters LOA.

Marina Veruda is located in the Southern part of Pula, in a picturesque and tranquil location, in the Bay of Veruda. This beautiful bay ensures safe mooring for boats and good storage for winter. Furthermore, due to the fact that the marina is not situated within the city, the natural water currents keep the boats clean. Marina Veruda provides berths both on land and in the sea. This is one of the best and cheapest marinas for wintering in Croatia. There is a great package of services for those who moor here: maintenance and repairs, gas station, catering services, supermarket, restaurant, swimming pool, laundry, security. 630 berths are available on 19 piers.

The rental fees of Veruda Marina vary according to the boat’s length which may vary between 6 and 36.9 m. The monthly wet berth price is 693 euros for a 9-10 m LOA. The supplements for winter storage on land for the same boat length is 839 euros. 

Monthly dry berth tariffs for a 9-10 m boat length is 459 euros (and the supplements for winter storage on land start from 479 euros.

Marina Kornati is located in Zadar. It is famous for its modern facilities which also make it a good option for our top cheapest marinas in Croatia. This marina is highly committed to preserving the surrounding environment, being awarded the Blue Flag. 805 berths are available at Marina Kornati and 70 of them are dry. The services provided by this marina include: travel lift, 24h security, car parking, sanitary facilities, water & electricity, restaurant, maintenance services, a careful and professional staff of 150 members.

Marina Kornati is formed of 3 parts and can host more than 1000 vessels. 705 euro is the monthly berth price for boats which have 9-10 m in length and the daily surcharge for winter dry berths is 5,30 euros and reaches 23,50 euros for boats of 21m.

Marina Veli Rat is located in Panteraim Bay, next to the extraordinary Dugi Otok Island. If you visited the island and you are now ready to turn back home, you can safely leave your boat at Veli Rat Marina during the winter months. This is one of the cheapest marinas for wintering in Croatia and it offers a comprehensive package of services and a friendly staff. Some of the services you can access here include sanitary facilities, laundry services, car and bicycle rental, exchange office, boat surveillance, towing, mini market.

The rates depend on the length of the vessels which can range between 8,99 and 29,99 meters. The fees for annual berths in sea start from 1989 euros. According to their annual berth prices, the monthly berth price for a 9 m boat length is ~182 euros. 

Marina Porec is situated in Poreč – Parenzo, in the southern area of the bay. This well-provided urban marina offers great shelter and, due to its location, the possibility to sail all year round. Marina Porec provides a total number of 129 berths in the sea.

The depth in the marina ranges from 1 to 3.5 meters. Mooring here grants access to technical and sanitary services and access to the berths is available 24/7. The boats that can moor here may have a length of maximum 17 m. The package of services includes laundry facilities, petrol station, 5t crane, weather station, mooring assistance, video surveillance, internet access, satellite dish connection, outdoor parking.

The monthly wet berth fees start from 354 euros for boats that have less than 6 meters in length. There are also different types of discounts you might benefit from. For example, pensioners get discounts of up to 40%.

ACI Marinas

ACI marinas are located in different areas on the Croatian coast. Among them, we can mention: ACI Pula (Istria), ACI Simuni (Kvarner), ACI Vrboska (Split), ACI Pomer, ACI Umag – both located in Istria, Marina Ramova (Makarska Riviera), ACI Supetarska Draga, ACI Cres, ACI Rab, ACI Opatija – all located in Primorje-Gorski Kotar, ACI Skradin, ACI Umag, ACI Vodice, ACI Jezera – all located in Sibenik, ACI Milna, ACI Trogir, ACI Split – all located in Split.

ACI marinas offer good rates for winter storage and competitive discounts. One of their offers is a 15% discount of the annual fee for clients who come for the first time in the marinas located in Umag, Pula, Pomer, Cres, Supertarska Draga, Milna, Vrboska, Korcula.

Of the 22 marinas, 18 are open year-round. Read more about the ACI Marinas (the berth prices, the cheapest marinas, etc.)

Croatia is a terrific sailing destination during the warm season, but also a good place for wintering. With modern facilities and affordable tariffs, the marinas in Croatia are a good choice to consider if you need a place to store your boat during the cold season.

The cheapest marinas for wintering in Croatia are available on and we would love to help you book a berth for your boat for this winter.