Living in the Abandoned Lighthouse That Is Haunted by Legends of the Dead

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Exclusively for, an interview with Mr. Marc Pointud, the President of the National Society for the Heritage of the Lighthouses and Approach Lights. He wants to spend 60 days in the Haunted Lighthouse Tévennec, with the purpose of raising awareness of the public regarding the fate of the Lighthouses in France, but also to live an experience beyond the ordinary.


1. What is the purpose of this unprecedented initiative in France and even in Europe?

There are three main objectives:
– First of all I want to publicize the heritage of lighthouses. I have the interest to preserve them and, moreover, to protect the heritage of Tévennec, emblematic lighthouse in France, unique habitable lighthouse in the heart of the sea.
– I also want to promote the action of the National Society for the Heritage of the Lighthouses and Approach Lights which was in charge with the restoration of Tévennec with the purpose of creating here a permanent residence for artists .
-This is also a personal approach of isolation in an idealistic place, a project that I have been thinking of for a very long time, in order to have some time to write.

2. What does this challenge of spending two months alone in the Lighthouse of Tévennec mean to you?

We want to restore the human presence in the Lighthouses, in high season, of course.
This approach follows this idea.
It is a personal research, a kind of introspection, of retreat, of role-playing. It may be an initiation, a challenge also against myself.



3. How do you spend your days and your nights at Tévennec? What is your daily program? How is the sky during the nights in the Lighthouse?

The mornings are dedicated to the communication (social media, emails). This is one of the reasons for which I’m here and I want to make our action better known to the public. There is also the housework, the preparation of the meals. In the afternoons, according to the time that I have, I dedicate myself to writing. But the news, like a stroke of time, can change this routine.
When the sky is clear the spectacle of the celestial vault is extraordinary. There is no interference of light. These days there was also a superb reflection of the Full Moon over the sea.

4. The legend says that this building is haunted. Ankou, this Celtic figure, the personification of death, wandered in the vicinity. Have you heard… noises? Or … ghosts?

Up to now nothing… We must put these stories in the context of the XIX th century. Legends, superstition and religion are mingled here. The guards didn’t use to communicate at all back then, they were really isolated. This is not my case now and we are at the XXIst century… Therefore, there is no news with Ankou yet. Fortunately, because the one who sees it dies in that same year… But this trip is not even half of what living here used to be…

5. What does it mean for you to live far from the mob?

I am rather solitary by nature. I am very familiar with the life at sea, there is no doubt. To be far from the stormy crowd is rather a relief for me. Many of the things so called important lose their main significance here.

Marc Pintoud


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