Travelling is one of the best ways to spend your free time and we all love to make plans for vacation. If this year’s goal is to discover new places in Europe, we have some suggestions for you. Here are six of the most beautiful landscapes on the old continent.

1. Trolltunga, Hordaland, Norway

Trolltunga is one of the most popular places in Norway where tourists can admire an amazing view on top of this gigantic rock. This rocky formation which literally means the troll’s tongue, due to its long horizontal shape, is 700 meters high and it lies just above Ringedalsvatnet Lake. It is located in Horland county, a well-known region for its beautiful landscape.

Those who get here by boat can book a berth in Hordaland at the Oystese marina located in the homonymous city.

Trolltunga, Hordaland res

Trolltunga, Hordaland, Norway | Photo source:

2. Procida, Italy

Italy is already famous for its many attractions including its amazing natural assets and great cuisine. Procida is a representative destination located in the Bay of Naples. This small and welcoming island is an ideal summer vacation for those who love the sea and nautical activities. The panoramic view on the island is fascinating, so don’t forget to take your camera for some landscape photography that will surely get many compliments.

For a slip rental option in Procida, the local Marina di Procida is the most accessible solution.

Procida, Italy | Photo source:

3. Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul’s historic landmarks. This impressive mosque whose name illustrates its splendid color was built in the 17th century. This impressive architectural treasure lures thousands of tourists yearly. Moreover, it still functions as a worship place. The mosque is situated close to the shore so those who arrive here are can also admire the charming scenery nearby.

If you need to book a berth for your boat in Istanbul, our recommendation is the Viaport Marina situated in Tuzla.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul res

Blue Mosque, Istanbul | Photo source:

4. The Camargue, France

The Camargue is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. This French destination is one of the largest deltas on the continent. It is the perfect retreat for a relaxing vacation where you can admire the wildlife, take long walks on a fine sandy beach, see the amazing red salt lagoons or the imposing Roman ruins.

For a marina reservation in this region, Port Camargue situated in Le Grau du Roi is the best choice.

I hope you enjoyed our suggestions and you’ll consider them for your next trip to Europe. If you want to find out more about traveling tips and ideas, browse through the other post on our blog.

The Camargue, France | Photo source:

5. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of the best landscapes in Belgium. This is a recurrent destination for tourists worldwide and a UNESCO site. Bruges is a charming and cozy medieval city where you can find plenty interest points like museums, cafés, pubs, and souvenir shops. What highlights this city’s potential is its privileged position: Bruges is situated in the beautiful Flanders region, on the coast and it is crossed by canals, hence its nickname, the ‘Venice of the North’.

One of the best ways to visit this area is by boat; travelers who decide to do this will find the perfect marina reservation at the local harbor of Zeebrugge.

bruges-1288280_1280 res

Bruges, Belgium

6. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada, Greece

Porto Katsiki in Lefkada is one of those places where everything seems perfect just because you find yourself in the middle of an utterly beautiful nature. This splendid area that lies on the Ionic Sea has been inhabited since the 4th millennium BC and nowadays there are plenty artifacts that remind us of those remote times. Thus, tourists who come here for fine beaches and turquoise water can also embark on a historic tour and learn more about the beginning of this civilization.

Sailing is one of the top priorities if you choose Greece as your holiday destination. Our suggestion for boat mooring in this area is the Ormos Vasiliki Marina located in the eastern part of the island.

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada res

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada, Greece