Planning holidays in Croatia – motor yacht or boat?

holidays in Croatia - motor yacht or boat

Croatia is famous for its beautiful views and access to the exceptionally clean waters of the Adriatic Sea. This is one of the most popular holiday destinations. If you value privacy and avoid the hustle and bustle – consider charter a motor yacht or boat. Not sure which type of boat to choose? Check which of these options is best for you.

Motor boat charter - perfect for short trips with loved ones

Fans of motor boats especially appreciate the speed of movement and the fact that they do not take up much space in the port or at the docks. Thanks to these advantages, you can freely change the position of the boat during the day, discovering the surrounding attractions and charming places. A motorboat will work well in the case of short-term charters in the group of loved ones. A romantic trip for two, a family holiday or a weekend getaway with friends? In this case, it is worth trying to rent a boat.

A motor boat is suitable mainly for short journeys (several days), during which you disembark for consumption (lunch, dinner) or leisure (dancing, sightseeing).

Motor yacht - relaxation you deserve

The undoubted advantage of a motor yacht is its surface – it can be easily used by a larger group of guests compared to a motor boat. This means of transport in comfortable conditions is able to move from 8 to even 40 people.

What’s more, motor yachts are designed to minimize the need to go ashore – an ideal solution for people who value their own company and avoid tourists. In the yacht you will find from several to a dozen fully equipped cabins with toilets, a living room, a kitchen or a dining room.

All this so that you can fully enjoy the moment among the clean and captivating waters of Croatia, in luxurious conditions.

Boat and yacht charter - what else is worth knowing?

The purchase of a motor boat is associated with significant costs, although the boat is definitely cheaper than a yacht – here the expenses are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of euros. Much depends on the equipment of the boat and customer requirements, but there is no need to hide – the purchase of a boat or yacht is a big investment.

If you go on water trips rarely and irregularly – it is definitely better to decide on a boat or yacht charter. There is also the question of entitlements. While no special permits and licenses are required to drive a motor boat (for low-power vehicles), steering a yacht requires appropriate and confirmed qualifications.

By deciding to charter a boat or yacht, you can be sure that the hired staff will take care of your safety and comfort during the trip. It is worth trusting specialists such as Heads Yachting, who have been charter yachts in Croatia for years. They perfectly know how to meet your expectations – you will certainly come back to them!

What to choose - a yacht or a motor boat?

The answer to this question is not clear. Before making a decision, think about how you want to spend the cruise: exclusively on a yacht (with access to a private pool, gym, kitchen, etc.) with more guests, or in a smaller group, where you decide to go ashore in search of other entertainment and food. Also, set the budget you want to spend on the yacht or boat charter, including equipment and the available crew that will accompany you during the cruise.

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