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Consorzio Nautico Sant'Agnello, Naples, Italy

Consorzio Nautico Sant'Agnello is located in Sant’agnello, Campania. This beautiful part of Italy is one of the main attractions for sailors who can devote time to their passion for the sea. This marina is a great place to anchor for a couple of days before you continue your cruise to other parts of the Italian coast. Consorzio Nautico Sant'agnello can accomodate up to 130 vessels of different sizes which don’t exceed the maximum length of 14 meters. This is one of the best-furnished marinas in Campania, offering a vast range of amenities. Among them, let’s just name a few such as mooring assistance, free internet, electricity, water, laundry service, car parking. Sant’agnello is a charming place where you can indulge in plenty relaxing activities such as swimming, practicing water sports or sightseeing. There are numerous accommodation options if you want to spend a longer period here, as well as plenty dining facilities.

Facilities of Consorzio Nautico Sant'Agnello


Waste collection




Mooring assistance



Drinking water

Car parking

Service Station for ships

Weather forecasting

Boat assistance for mooring

Photo Gallery

Cancellation Policy of Consorzio Nautico Sant'Agnello : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

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Attractions in Campania

The region of Campania is one of the preferred destinations of tourists around the world, thanks to its historical inheritance, the beautiful coastal sceneries and the famous cities of Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Positano and others. Campania is situated in the southern part of Italy and it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Its gastronomy, its amazing art and culture, the archaeological sites and the ancient buildings are all attractions of this region that is spread on a 13 590 square km surface.

The beauty of this destination is given by the coastal cities and villages, by the romantic marinas and the rich history of the land. Historical evidence points that the first to have colonised the region of Campania were the Ancient Greeks. Therefore, it used to be a part of Magna Graecia and its Greco-Roman culture can still be sensed in many of today’s traditions.

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