Marina di Portoferraio Marina
Marina di Portoferraio Marina
Marina di Portoferraio Marina
Marina di Portoferraio Marina
Marina di Portoferraio Marina
Marina di Portoferraio Marina presents

Marina di Portoferraio

Tuscany, Italy
Berth Characteristics
  • 70 berths
  • Max Length 65 m
  • Max Draught 6.5 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Marina di Portoferraio by calling VHF9.

Marina di Portoferraio is a Recommended Marina.

Marina di Portoferraio is also known as Port fi Portoferraio and Port of Portoferraio and it is located on the island of Elba. This is a part of the province of Livorno and Tuscany region and offers tourists unusual panoramas that reveal rocky waterfronts and interesting geological structures. Some

Facilities of Marina di Portoferraio

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Wifi
  • Water
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The neighborhood

Marina di Portoferraio is located in Elba Island.

This map shows Marina di Portoferraio's specific location.


Marina Rules

ART. 1
The application of and compliance of these policies are assured and controlled by the the dock employees, and breaches will be notified to the Directorate which will take the appropriate measures against users, subject to any civil or criminal liability.

ART. 2
The user of the berth and the fixed structures of the dock will take the utmost care in the use of the structures themselves. Anyone who harms these structures will be required to repair the damage caused.

ART. 3
The boat must be adequately sized to the size of the mooring place.

ART. 4
In the port the maximum speed allowed is of 2 knots.

ART. 5
In absence of people on the boat is strictly prohibited:
- The connection to electricity and water supplies;
- To leave the engines running.
The staff on service is authorized to terminate the supply and shut down the engines.

ART. 6
In the waters of the port is prohibited to swim and fish by any means.
It is forbidden to encumber the dock with the equipment on board (life jackets, cushions, generators, etc. fishing and diving equipment.) and any objects.

ART. 7
It's strictly forbidden to park cars, motorbikes, bicycles etc along the roadside. It is strictly forbidden to park in reserved parking spaces that are reserved for the trailers, trucks, caravans and campers. These parked vehicles will be removed and parked elsewhere. All costs of removal and parking will be on the owners’ charge.

ART. 8
In the port it is prohibited to empty bilge water, throw away waste of any kind, liquids, or other debris in both water and on docks or piers. For solid or liquid wastes the client must use the appropriate containers located in areas specifically designated and marked.

ART. 9
It is forbidden to bike power generators and / or the main engines or auxiliary craft to test or for recharging the batteries, except only in cases authorized by management. All jobs on board ships and all noisy activities that disturb the peace of others are banned.

ART. 10
All boats that enter the harbor must be in full working order.
Each boat:
- Should be covered by insurance for damage to third parties.
- Must be in compliance with all legal requirements and with every maritime law.
- Must be a boat destined to nautical tourism or sport fishing.

ART. 11
Before leaving the dock for extended periods of time the user that leaves the boat in its berth must:
- Make sure that the mooring is perfect and that the peaks are in excellent condition and properly set;
- inform the direction of the port regards the name and address of the person
responsible of the surveillance of the vessel, that must be able to move it if necessary. In any case, the user is responsible for the safety of the boat for all damage caused by the boat and / or by its staff and / or agents including in respect of other persons, boats or other property owned by others and to port facilities in 'dock area of the Medici. The Management assumes no obligation as for the custody of the vessel, its equipment and accessories, and also capital goods owned by the user. The management of the port will in no way be responsible for any theft of boats or theft that may occur on board vessels including that of the various equipment and accessories, in addition the
Directorate will not be held liable for damages, including total loss of the boat, due to fire, malicious acts, vandalism, breakage of mooring that do not depend on the facilities, weather and / or weather-marine and because of circumstances beyond control in general.

ART. 12
The tourist harbor promotes tourism in the City and in particular the historic center. For this reason:

1) places will be assigned also according to bookings;
2) discounts can be applied for long term stays only as the tariffs approved by the local council;
3) in the berths, which are marked with a number, the craft can moor only with the consent of the Management and assisted by staff. It is not allowed to transfer to others the berth assigned;
The tourist port also provides, during business hours between 08.00 and 20.00, a share of berths (8%) for recreational boats in transit, for this service the tariff arranged is in art. 15.
Transit moorings are allowed for not more than three berths over each month and cannot be booked; when mooring operations are finished, the client must inform the management of the time of estimated time of departure

ART. 12 A
The tourist harbor, with its own staff and with the procedures and timetables provides customers at registration of the mooring, the following services:

a) Mooring Assistance and unmooring operations;
b) Water supply;
c) Supply of electricity;
d) Toilets and showers

ART. 13
Inside the dock the animals are allowed as long as on a leash. In any case all the precautions should be taken in order to avoid that their presence within the port does not cause disturb.

ART. 14
In the port it is not permitted to do sailing school and diving charter activity with the exception of the ability of the Administration to enter into agreements with operators for mid and low season;

ART. 15
4) 1. After mooring and securing the boat, the client must register in the port office and must pay the mooring fee (attachment "A" to these Regulations), that apply for the year 2008. For subsequent years, the rates could be updated with a special resolution of the Council and enforced by a decision of the Authority Grantor (APP).

5) 2. In the event that the client does not use the mooring place for all the period, he will not be entitled to a refund of the mooring for the period of not use. Vice versa are refundable advance payments for services (water and electricity), in the solar year.

6) 3.the mooring is free of charge for a boats in transit, as defined in art. 12, between (08.00 - 20.00), it is subject to the payment of services, water supply and electricity.

7) 4. As well as the free places for transit, for short-term stays (aim of the visit of the Historical Center and / or supplies on board), the management can use the places that are not occupied subject to the payment of services, water supply and

ART.15 A
The fees under Art. 15 Annex A) can be modified with discounts.
It may also be decided free mooring for:

a) promotional events
b) other events sponsored by the City
c) need of the Administration;
d) events of particular social relevance.

It is reserved the right, where it is deemed necessary, to modify these rules at any time. The mooring of the boat means that you accept the Rules of the Portoferraio Medicean port


The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

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