Porto di Savona Marina
Porto di Savona Marina
Porto di Savona Marina
Porto di Savona Marina
Porto di Savona Marina
Porto di Savona Marina
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Porto di Savona

Liguria, Italy
Berth Characteristics
  • 530 berths
  • Max Length 20 m
  • Max Draught 9 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Porto di Savona by calling VHF9.

Porto di Savona is also known as Marina di Savona and Port of Savona and it is situated in the city and province with the same name, in the region of Liguria. This is a recreational marina that focuses on tourism, offering its guests modern facilities. Being located on the Riviera di Ponente, this s

Facilities of Porto di Savona

  • Bar
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fuel station
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Value for money
mehdi72 none
November 2021
Thank you all. After diverting from original route Genoa-Sanremo due to weather, we ended up beginning of November soaked wet in Savona. We gave a call upon reaching the bidge that gives access to the marina once open. Very nice staff waiting for us for berthing. Tha harbourmaster was realliy welcoming and gave us a full history review of Savona! Awesome! Beside we had an electricial problem quite serious and hard to diagnose and we were lucky to find Vito in the marina available on a Saturday. Should you encouter a problem with your boat ask for Vito! A very nice person and quite knowledgeable on lots of things, he fiixed our problem. We’ve been stranded for 3 days due to weather and overall we’ve had a fantastic experience with the Marina’s people. Mehdi&Nicolet.

Weather in Porto di Savona

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The neighborhood

Porto di Savona is located in Liguria.

The region of Liguria is located in the north-western part of Italy, being a narrow strip of land with popular touristic towns, beaches and a delicious cuisine. Liguria is a coastal region that has its capital in Genoa and that offers access to the Ligurian Sea and Apennine mountains. It has 4 provinces: Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona, where Genoa is the most populous of all.

This is the ideal destination for those who are looking to enjoy the sun and an amazing gastronomy on the romantic shores of northern Italy. This place offers tingling sensation to its guests, due to the exhilarating landscapes, the natural, high cliffs and the surreal colours of the sea.

Liguria’s timeline starts with the Neanderthals who first evolved on these lands, in the region of Loano. The archaeological evidence points that the territory is inhabited ever since and it endured harsh times during the Punic War and the numerous other attacks. During the Middle Ages, Liguria was home to many civilizations such as the Byzantines, the Lombards, Saracen and Normal people. This land was explored by Christopher Columbus and other important explorers, due to its natural environment and its strategic location that could lead to discovering other territories.

Today, some of the most popular destinations in Liguria are Genoa, La Spezia, Sanremo, Imperia, Rapallo, Savona and more. Genoa is a medieval city that has kept its original aspect and has many attractions to offer to its guests. There are many interesting plazas here, romantic fountains, ancient buildings and palaces but also ancient ruins.

Next to the shores, Genoa has colourful buildings and mesmerising beaches. Those who are interested in visiting Genoa should not miss the neighbourhood of Boccadasse which is located right next to the shore, Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello, I Palazzi dei Rolli, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Piazza San Matteo or Royal Palace Museum.

Cinque Terre is famous for its terraced homes and buildings that are built on the top of the cliffs. This destination offers truly dramatic landscapes and a perfect opportunity to dream of a different world. This is one of the Italian World Heritage Sites on UNESCO’s list. There are 5 fascinating villages here that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

La Spezia is another important destination of Liguria, where the travellers can enjoy stunning sights such as Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Venere, castelo Doria, Castello di San Giorgio, the Naval Museum and Armory and more. All of the cities and communities of these regions hide real gems of history and culture but the seaside also plays an important role in the travellers’ wellbeing and comfort.

The top beaches that should be seen in Liguria are Balzi Rossi, Loano, Varigotti, Saracen Bay, Finale Ligure, San Fruttuoso Bay, Paraggi Bay, etc. The tourists will find white sanded beaches and transparent waters, colourful bays and luxurious vegetation. Liguria has many treasures that can be shared with visitors from the entire world and it is the perfect place for those who want to escape the modern cities.

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