Zaza Marina
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Koper, Slovenia
Berth Characteristics
  • 32 berths
  • Max Length 2 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Zaza by calling VHF22.


Facilities of Zaza

  • Tourist info point
  • Service station
  • Hybernation
  • Atm
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Berth prices updated for 2022

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The neighborhood

Zaza is located in Koper.

Over 100 traditional dishes, Venetian inspired architecture and historical sights that will make you take a step back in time Koper (Capodistria in Italian, Kopar in Croatian) is a region in South Western Slovenia, on the Northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. It includes the city with the same name and the coastal town of Ankaran, Portoroz, Piran and Izola. It is located only 5 kilometres away from the Italian border. Only 1% of Slovenia’s territory is coastline, so the Port of Koper is very important. It contributes to tourism and the economy in general.

No matter the type of accommodation you are looking for, there will definitely be something available according to your taste and needs. There are several hotels, B&Bs and inns are waiting to be booked. Among the most popular ones, you will find Hotel Bio, Vodisek Hotel, Casino Hotel Carnevale Aquapark Zustena Hotel, Garni Hotel Pristan. You may also want to consider Hotel Sole, Marina Hotel, San Simon Resort and Hotel Delfin.

The Slovenian cuisine has over 100 traditional dishes, recognised worldwide. The variety of flavours will be a delight for your taste buds and you will enjoy a truly amazing gastronomical journey. The main ingredients are beans, potatoes and cabbage, used in soups and main courses. Here are some of the traditional dishes you must try during your trip: Bosman bread, Carniolan sausage, Ribe v savorju (marinated fish), Struklji. Bled cream cake, buckwheat porridge, fritaje and Bovet pockets are also delicacies. Delicious meals often end with desserts such as prekmurska gibanica cake or potica. If you are thinking what to eat first, here is a selection of the best restaurants in Koper: Gostilna Za Gradom, Capra, Hisa de Rin, Bar Cameral, Nimis Koper, Gostilna Mohorec. And don’t miss Oljka, Hisa Refoska, Al Mulin and Loggia Cafe.

When it comes to visiting and exploring, there are a lot of fun things you can do and see. Start with the number one tourist attraction: Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower. The view from the top is fantastic and you can admire the paintings and the marvellous architecture. The Praetorian Palace is a wonderful building, with Venetian inspired architecture. After a few hours of visiting, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee at Tito Square. The Koper Regional Museum displays exhibits from the pre-Roman period to the present day. You will also come across exhibits about the two world wars, guaranteed to be both informative and emotionally powerful.

If you are in the mood for some adrenaline, here is something very fun and entertaining: Escape Room Koper. It is a game that will challenge you to use your skills, find all the clues and escape the room you are locked in. How about a short trip to Lisjak olive oil factory? You can learn all about the process of making one of the healthiest types of oil. Buy a couple of bottles and use them at home when you prepare your favourite dishes.

Dragonja River is an amazing work of art, a jewel of nature and a place of unspoilt beauty. Enjoy some precious moment, take photographs and breathe in the fresh, clean air. If you come across locals, don’t miss out the chance of listening to some great stories. Muda Gate is a step into the past. The town will charm you with its narrow streets and friendly people.

Discover Slovenia, discover Koper and make a top of your favourite places, tell your friends about them in such manner that they will want to come with you next time you visit. Because you surely will. All in all, the precious moments you share in Slovenia will forever have a place in your heart, and you will fondly remember them.

What else do you need for a great vacation? You have an extraordinary cuisine, friendly and comfortable accommodation, awesome places to visit and historical sites everywhere you look.

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