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Milta Bodrum Marina, Mugla, Turkey

Milta Bodrum Marina is also known as Port of Milta Bodrum and it is situated in Bodrum, a city in Turkey, where ancient monuments and buildings have risen hundreds of years ago and can still be seen, standing there imposing and strong, telling their history to curious tourists. The old name of the city was Halicarnas and today it has a bohemian aspect. It hosts the elite class all year long. It is hosted by the province of Mugla and offers a wide range of attractions an extremely well-developed tourism. Some of the main attractions that are meant to express the cultural and historical heritage are the Castle of Saint Peter, the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, the Bardakci Cove, the Antique City and many more. This territory used to be home to Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian who was often called “the father of history”. Many Ottoman architectural elements can be seen on this wonderful side of the coast. The Salmakis Beach Resort and Spa, the Izer Beach Hotel, etc., are luxury hotels.

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Attractions in Mugla

The Province of Mugla or Mugla Ili, is situated in the south-western corner of Turkey, with an exit to the Aegean Sea. Being one of the most astonishing sides of the country, this region attracts a large number of tourists that are charmed by the beauty of the sea, by the attractions of the coast, by the serenity of the place and the exotic resorts. The most important resorts are Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and Bodrum.

Mugla is a Turkish paradise with more than 100 historical sites that are begging to be explored, a history of 5000 years and perfect weather conditions. The first inhabitants of Mugla were the Carians and Leleges. This region was described in many writings, one of the most famous being Iliad by Homer. Egyptians, Assyrians and Scythians lived on these lands thousands of years ago, before the Greeks and the Turkish people got to it. Among the important personalities who used to live on this territory were Herodotus, Basil Zaharoff, Osman Hamdi Bey and ... more info