The 10 Best Amalfi Marinas

The 10 Best Amalfi marinas are waiting to be discovered as you sail to the splendid South of Italy. An area which is world-famous for its natural assets and premiere tourist facilities, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited and appreciated places in Italy. Read on and discover more about the marvels of this coast and, of course, about the marinas where you can book a berth along the way.

1. Porto di Amalfi – Coppola Marina Dock

You will find Porto di Amalfi Coppola Marina Dock as you disembark on the shore of Porto di Amalfi. Porto di Amalfi Coppola Marina provides top-quality services based on a 30+ years of experience and sailing tradition. The protected area where this marina is located ensures safe berths mooring and temporary mooring. A marina reservation here means a stress-free vacation as your vessel will be kept at bay from harsh weather conditions. This premiere landing place was carefully designed and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, Coppola Marina Dock is located just a few minutes away from Porto di Amalfi’s center, so that you can visit landmarks such as the Morelli Palace, enjoy a tasty traditional meal in an elegant restaurant or attend one of the numerous cultural events and festivals. Furthermore, please check the Porto di Amalfi Marina reservation guide.

  • Berths: 90
  • Max. Length: up to 35 m
  • VHF 72
Porto di Amalfi - Coppola Marina Dock reservation

Porto di Amalfi – Coppola Marina Dock

2. Marina di Capri (Porto Turistico di Capri)

Although this marina is not located on the Amalfi Coast, but on the homonymous island, it is a must-see for anyone who embarks on a trip in this area. We decided to include it in our best Amalfi Coast marinas list because it’s a great place for a marina reservation. Porto Turistico di Capri harbor is situated in a picturesque location on the northern part of the island. The natural bay that hosts Marina di Capri has long been known for its beauty and tranquility. If swimming, sunbathing and water sports are not enough for a dream holiday, rest assured that there’s plenty more you can do here. The marina is connected to Capri via a funicular, which means that you can easily get there in a rather romantic fashion and then take a stroll down the old town, go shopping for souvenirs or enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee or a glass of local wine.

  • Berths: 300
  • Max. Length: up to 60 m
  • VHF 71
Marina di Capri - Porto Turistico di Capri reservation

Porto Turistico di Capri

3. Marina di Ischia

Another one of the best marinas in Costa di Amalfi to make marina reservations is Marina di Ischia, located on the homonymous island. Marina di Ischia is situated in the northern part of the Gulf of Naples and it has a really interesting structure, being one of the few volcanic islands in Italy. It is part of the Phlegrean Island archipelago, being the biggest `sister’. Marina di Ischia enables tourists to quickly access the major attractions of this island which is renowned for its beauty. Some of the attractions no one should miss are the gardens La Mortella and Castello Aragonese. Marina di Ischia is managed by a friendly staff who will gladly help you get to know the surroundings. With modern facilities and the possibility to indulge in several recreational activities, this marina is our top recommendation for a berth reservation in Ischia.

  • Berths: 200
  • Max. Length: up to 50 m
  • VHF 74
Marina di Ischia reservation

Marina di Ischia

4. Marina di Stabia

Marina di Stabia is described as a five-star harbor. It is one of the most popular marinas on the Amalfi Coast and it is the setting where numerous luxury yachts moor. It lies at the southern end of the Bay of Naples and it is a delight for guests’ eyes, offering an astonishing landscape. It is close to Mount Vesuvius and the city of Sorrento, two of the landmarks of Coast Amalfi which should definitely be included in your cruise itinerary. Marina di Stabia is all about comfort and to make sure guests feel comfortable, they provide a Michelin starred restaurant, a gym, and sports facilities, a swimming pool and plenty leisure activities and events.

  • Berths: 900
  • Max. Length: up to 100 m
  • VHF 69
Marina di Stabia reservation

Marina di Stabia

5. Marina Molo Luise

Marina Molo Luise proudly lies right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, being located in Naples, an ancient city so famous for its tourist potential. Marina Molo Luise welcomes boats of all sizes, including large yachts, in a modern and friendly environment. Most sailing aficionados who moor here choose this Amalfi Coast marina for its position. You can easily reach this place as you depart from Greece or Southern France and you can visit numerous highlights of the area such as Pompeii, Ischia, Capri, Vesuvius or Herculaneum. Of course, the city of Naples should be the first objective you explore as soon as you disembark; impressive history, famous gastronomy, and effervescent nightlife are waiting to be discovered.

  • Berths: 140
  • Max. Length: up to 110 m
  • VHF 9
Marina Molo Luise reservation

Marina Molo Luise

6. Marina Piccola Sorrento

Marina Piccola Sorrento is located in the charming town of Sorrento, in a fascinating rocky setting, surrounded by beauty, in a lovely cove in the Peninsula of Sorrento. If you book a berth in this Amalfi Coast marina, you might not want to depart anywhere else during your vacation. Marina Sorrento is surrounded by vegetation and provides a magnificent view of the Sorrento Gulf. It is located quite close to the city center and as you take a walk from the marina to the center, you can admire beautiful old buildings and have a drink or a meal in one of the nearby restaurants. Moreover, elegant hotels are also situated in the close proximity of this port.

A day trip to Ischia, Capri or Naples can easily be organized if your departure point is Porto Turistico Sorrento. Another highlight of this marina is its proximity to Sorrento’s major attractions. Booking a berth in Sorrento is a great choice for your Amalfi Coast sailing vacation as you will benefit from quick access to the Gulf of Naples.

  • Berths: 280
  • Max. Length: up to 40 m
  • VHF 9
Marina Piccola Sorrento reservration

Marina Piccola Sorrento

7. Marina Vigliena

Marina Vigliena is located in Naples, in a beautiful setting that will help you relax and reload your batteries. As Naples is certainly on your bucket list during your Amalfi Coast holiday, a stop at this marina might be the perfect option if you want a fuss-free mooring experience. A welcoming staff will take care of all your needs if you moor here. Marina Vigliena offers guests assistance and technical expertise at any time. In the nearby, you will easily find accommodation and dining facilities.

  • Berths: 853
  • Max. Length: up to 80 m
  • VHF 16
Marina Vigliena reservation

Marina Vigliena

8. Grassi Junior Positano (buoys)

Grassi Junior Positano is situated in Positano, close to the most popular beach in this place which is called Spiaggia del Fornillo. The relaxing atmosphere and cozy setting of this harbor are the main reasons why we recommend it. Plenty marvelous attractions can be seen in Positano, starting with popular beaches where you can have fun all day long and access all the services you might require. Some of the cultural landmarks that you should visit during your stay in Positano are Palazzo Murat, the bright church called Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta and the famous art exhibitions at Franco Senesi. If you want to enjoy a traditional experience, you should dine in one of the local trattorias which will surprise you with their simplicity and authenticity.

  • Berths: 30
  • Max. Length: up to 30 m
  • VHF 77
Grassi Junior Positano (buoys)

Grassi Junior Positano (buoys)

9. Marina di Procida

Marina di Procida is definitely among Amalfi Coast’s best harbors and ports. Marina di Procida is located on the charming island of Procida. This is a popular place for tourists who are well-acquainted with the treasures of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Therefore, we recommend that you book a berth here in time. The marina itself looks like a small corner of paradise. Surrounded by natural beauty and crystal-clear water, Marina di Procida is an ideal choice for those who love water sports and lying on the beach. Another massive attraction of this island is the architecture of the buildings which are not symmetrical. The color of the houses is also remarkable, so if you like taking photos, this is your chance to practice your skills.

  • Berths: 491
  • Max. Length: up to 30 m
  • VHF 6
Marina di Procida reservation

Marina di Procida


10. Marina D’Arechi

Marina D’Arechi is situated in the eastern end of Salerno. It offers a perfect departure point toward other main attractions of the Amalfi Coast: Pompei, Ischia, Ravello, Capri, Positano. Marina D’Arechi is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, facing the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Safety and comfort are the two main necessities met by Marina D’Arechi. In this place, you can enjoy the sun and the calming sound of the sea all year round.

The port of D’Arechi covers a total surface of 340,000 square meters. It provides a modern environment where boaters can access the latest facilities in the field of berth booking. This marina reservation option was built by the biggest nautical group in Southern Italy, the Gallozzi Group of Salerno. The construction works started in 2000 and, today, D’Arechi harbor can accommodate 1000 vessels between 10 and 130 m.

Yacht owners whose exigency is luxury will be pleased to book a mooring here. Besides a beautiful and elegant setting, Marina D’Arechi also provides excellent customer service. Professional maintenance and repairs are available on-site, along with other facilities such as video surveillance, fuel station, 24/7 mooring assistance, shuttle service, customs, WiFi, limousine service, bike and car rental, bunker station.

Marina D’Arechi is protected by a mosaic rock breakwater measuring 1.2 km. Furthermore, Marina D’Arechi shows the highest concern for the environment by using recycled materials in its construction and eco-sustainable furnishings.

  • Berths: 1000
  • Max. Length: up to 130 m
  • VHF 74
Marina d'Arechi

Marina d’Arechi

11. Porto Marina di Cassano

Porto Marina di Cassano lies in the beautiful municipality of Piano di Sorrento, in the province of Naples. Porto Marina di Cassano has plenty to offer to guests worldwide; beautiful views, a wide range of services and, last but not the least, friendship and respect. Surrounded by the fascinating Gulf of Sorrento, Marina di Cassano will keep you busy night and day as there are plenty exciting activities you can indulge in. The breathtaking view you can admire as you reach this marina is one good reason to book a berth here. If you love nature, you should take the chance to discover three gorgeous caves located nearby: Erica, Noon and La Porta. And if you love the city life, there are numerous lovely boutiques where you can search for souvenirs or handmade clothes and jewelry.

Finally, beautiful architecture with charming villas and palaces can be admired at every step. Some of the amenities that are included in this marina’s menu are electromechanical assistance, free wi-fi, rental boats and cars, boat cleaning services, security services, diving services, 24-h assistance, laundry service.

  • Berths: 180
  • Max. Length: up to 56 m
  • VHF 6
Porto Marina di Cassano

Porto Marina di Cassano

Too much can never be said about the amazing Amalfi Coast. Poets have written about it, celebrities have praised it and film directors have chosen it as a movie setting. This area is simply breathtaking, so you should see it too. Before we part ways, let us remind you that we are booking daily berths on the Amalfi Coast all year round. So, if you are looking forward to going on a cruising holiday in this part of Europe, we will gladly help you find one or more marina reservations.