Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
Port Saint Florent Marina
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Port Saint Florent

Corsica, France
Berth Characteristics
  • 920 berths
  • Max Length 48 m
  • Max Draught 3.5 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Port Saint Florent by calling VHF9.

Port Saint Florent is a Recommended Marina.

Port Saint Florent is also known as Le Port de Plaisance Saint Florent and it is hosted by a traditional village on the island of Corsica, in the Haute-Corse department. This marina used to be a fishing port and became a successful summer resorts where many holidaymakers choose to settle for the su

Facilities of Port Saint Florent

  • Water
  • Bar
  • Wifi
  • Electricity
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Berth prices updated for 2022

Berth Price

9 Reviews

Value for money
Roberto Buia
August 2022
Verified Booking
Ottimo soggiorno. Everything at the marina was excellent. There is nothing to complain about.
Roberto Buia
July 2022
Verified Booking
Ottimo. Rutto. Niente.
francesco raffelini
August 2021
Verified Booking
A place to suggest. The new bridge connecting the harbour to the village. The Wi-Fi connection.
Massimo Ieri
August 2021
Verified Booking
tutto perfetto. Il posto barca, le persone, il clima , tutto ok si respira aria di porto pulito e organizzato con persone sempre pronte ad ascoltarti.
Thomas Canedi
October 2019
Verified Booking
SAINT FLORENT, very large marina in a beautiful bay. Overall well organised, well sheltered, comfortable, close to shops, good facilities. Fuel cost too high, very difficult to find carpark nearby, chaotic traffic on the adjecent main roads, some rocks can be hit towards the internal of the marina (low depth).
Marco Comastri
September 2019
Verified Booking
fantastic area and beaches around St Florent. surroundings. wifi.
Marco Pratellesi
August 2019
Verified Booking
Wonderful days. The location. Nothing to say.

Weather in Port Saint Florent

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Port Saint Florent before your trip.

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The neighborhood

Port Saint Florent is located in Corsica.

The island of Corsica, which is also known as Corse in Corsican, is located in the Mediterranean Sea, on the western side of Italy. Corsica’s territory belongs to France but its culture, lifestyle, history, traditions and arts beautifully combine a variety of origins. Today, it is comprised of two departments: Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud, in Upper and Southern Corsica. This island shows off its beauty that can be observed from each angle. We recommend you a Corsica yacht itinerary.

Tourism is an extremely well developed field in this region, having lush holiday resorts, luxurious hotels and vacation rentals, amazing beaches, a luxuriant vegetation, incredible cliffs that were carefully designed by Mother Nature and amazing mountains. The villages and towns in Corsica are picturesque and hide ancient treasures of the world, but the cities are no less spectacular.

Corsica has a continuous and tumultuous history that is simply fascinating. In the past, when the Ancient Greeks got here, the island received various names. Kalliste was one of them, but references with regards to this specific territory exist for the names Corsis, yrnos, Cernealis or Cirne. The Mesolithic era represents the beginning of a busy timeline. According to archaeological proof, the island was occupied by Carthaginians, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Byzantines but also Italian and French later on. These were civilizations that left behind many stories that are forever stored into the island’s buildings, monuments, ruins, statues, cliffs and museums. The written historical sources describe detailed events that show the reason why Corsica is still a beautiful, exceptional land.

The tourists who choose Corsica Marinas will soon realize that it is one of the best choices for a sailing holiday. This location allows every soul to rest and every mind to reconnect with the body. There are so many attractions that a single trip might not be enough in order to discover all of its beauties. The main landmarks that no one should miss are the Calanche Cliffs which are outstanding red cliffs near the Mediterranean shores, the Natural Reservation of Scandola, Bavella Needles in Zonza, Roccapina Beach, Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serra in Calvi, Plage du Petit Sperone in Bonifacio, Tamaricciu Beach in Porto-Vechio, La Plage d’Argent in Coti-Chiavari and the list can endlessly continue.

The shores of Corsica are rich in romantic beaches, pampering sands and story-telling cliffs, which is why these areas are preferred by all of the travellers. Except for the electrifying beaches, Corsica also has historical sites and other attractions to show. Some of the main sights here are the Citadel, Palais Fesch and Musee des Beaux-Arts, Pianu di Livia, Iles Lavezzi, Eglise Ste-Marie Majeure, Terra Vechia, Maison Bonaparte, Gonoese Tower and many other fascinating objectives. Those who want to take this journey to another level, are welcome to boost their adrenalin levels and take boat trips, dive, try canyoning, parachute jumps, sailing, windsurfing, etc.

There are plenty of activities and options for those who want to spend an unforgettable time in the region of Corsica or sailing around Corsica, near the ultramarine waters.

This map shows Port Saint Florent's specific location.


Marina Rules

The maximum authorized speed is limited to three (3) knots in the basins and five (1) knots in the Poghjiu and Aliso access channels. Only boat movements inside the port are authorized to enter, exit, change berths or to go to technical areas, to a repair, fueling or on-board sewage pumping station. Sailing is prohibited in the port.

Access to the port is prohibited for boats:

  • * presenting a risk to the environment;

  • * not being airworthy

  • * presenting a risk for the safety, conservation or proper operation of port works.

However, the port authority is obliged to authorize access to such a boat, for security reasons or to remove or reduce the risk of pollution. The owner of the boat or the person in charge of it is responsible for taking all measures appropriate to ensure the security of its entry to the port.

Any stopover in the port lasting more than two hours gives rise to the payment of the fee provided for in the tariff. All boats must notify the harbor master's office of their departure when the boat leaves.

Any departure of a foreseeable duration longer than 24 hours must be reported to the harbor master's office. A vessel which has not complied with this obligation will be deemed to leave the port definitively and its berth will be declared vacant.

Entry and departure declarations are recorded by the harbor master's office in the order of their presentation.


The owner or the person in charge of a boat calling the harbor master's office outside the opening hours, must, as soon as the harbor master's office opens, make a declaration of their entry.


The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

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