Venice Yacht Pier Marina
Venice Yacht Pier Marina
Venice Yacht Pier Marina
Venice Yacht Pier Marina
Venice Yacht Pier Marina
Venice Yacht Pier Marina presents

Venice Yacht Pier

Veneto, Italy
Berth Characteristics
  • 25 berths
  • Max Length 120 m
  • Max Draught 9.6 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Venice Yacht Pier by calling VHF.

Venice Yacht Pier  (Santa Marta) offers a 120 meters quay, with a max. draught of 9.6 meters. It has a road access and is located a few steps away from Fondamenta delle Zattere, the second starting point to the City. Perfect for: Technical stop - Bunkering - Provisioning - Berthing.The rates fo

Facilities of Venice Yacht Pier

  • Water
  • Wifi
  • Waste collection
  • Electricity
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Berth prices updated for 2021

1 Review

Value for money
Jordi Maya
May 2019
Great location. Water taxis available. Depths over 10 m, the entry - since the tides can reach up to 4 knots at springs, is best around slack water. Beware of cross-currents. The berths have been designed for megayachts, they have 5 berth locations, each situated on the Canale della Guidecca, along the south side of the island. The Riva San Biagio berths are in front of the naval museum, 10 min. walk away from the Piazza San Marco. The most prestigious are the berths of Punta della Salute, near Piazza San Marco. The newest location is the Adriatica berth, in the zone of Zattere. Everything is ok.

Weather in Venice Yacht Pier

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The neighborhood

Venice Yacht Pier is located in Venice.

This map shows Venice Yacht Pier's specific location.


Marina Rules

1. Venice Yacht Pier shall advise the CLIENT at least 2 (two) days before its arrival which berth has been reserved. Docking on the day of arrival in the assigned BERTH can take place after 12.00 noon. The CLIENT is strictly forbidden to occupy a different BERTH from the one assigned by Venice Yacht Pier.

2. If a YACHT mistakenly occupies a BERTH different from the BERTH assigned, the YACHT must be moved immediately. If a CLIENT intends to arrive before 12.00 noon on the arrival day arranged with VENICE YACHT PIER when the booking was made (instead of after 12.00 noon), and BERTHS are available, Venice Yacht Pier will authorize a partial extension of the dockage and apply a special rate.

3. The YACHT must depart within 12.00 (noon) of the day arranged with Venice Yacht Pier at the time of booking. The CLIENT must free the occupied BERTH promptly and, should the departure be delayed causing complications to the bookings schedule, Venice Yacht Pier shall charge a penalty.

4. If a CLIENT would like to leave within 12.00 midnight (instead of 12 noon) of the day of departure arranged with VENICE YACHT PIER at the time of booking, and there are BERTHS available, Venice Yacht Pier shall authorize the partial extension of dockage and apply a special rate.

5. If a YACHT has not made an advance booking and, as a result, is not included in the booking schedule, it will be assigned a free dockage, if any. In this case, dockage will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.

6. If a YACHT occupies a BERTH without authorization from Venice Yacht Pier, it will be charged a penalty. The penalty must be paid without delay. BERTHING rates are not charged on an hourly basis. Unless there is a vacant BERTH, the YACHT shall immediately vacate the BERTH it has occupied without authorization.

7. The BERTH booking schedule can be changed by VENICE YACHT PIER, and its decision shall be final, for technical or operational reasons or following an order issued by the Harbormaster and/or maritime authorities. In this case, Venice Yacht Pier shall make every effort to provide other BERTHS depending what dockage is available. It is understood that the CLIENT may not claim compensation.

8. In case of force majeure VENICE YACHT PIER reserves the right to assign/move the YACHTS to a BERTH different from the one communicated before the arrival and at the CLIENT’s cost. Venice Yacht Pier’s decision shall be final. It is understood that the CLIENT may not claim compensation.

9. If the YACHT has to move from one BERTH to another, the transfer must be carried out by 12.00 noon.

10. How BERTHS are allocated and the how YACHTS must dock is determined exclusively by VENICE YACHT PIER depending on the YACHT category (subject to ISPS) and the technical specifications (LOA, beam, draft, tonnage and displacement) of each YACHT with regard to the BERTH specs.

11. For YACHTS requesting to use ADRIATICA for the organization of events, VENICE YACHT PIER will charge a special rate.

12. A number of BERTHS are equipped with electric shore power. This service is provided to the CLIENT from the power outlet. The connection to the power outlet must be done by the CLIENT using own power lines and the appropriate plugs. For the supply of electric power, VENICE YACHT PIER will charge the client.

13. All electric power outlets are equipped with a shore based protective conductor. The CLIENT must equip the YACHT with an isolation transformer to isolate the YACHT’s electrical system from the shore so as to prevent corrosion from damaging the YACHT and other nearby yachts. Venice Yacht Pier reserves the right not to supply the electric shore power service also for own organization requirements. Venice Yacht Pier’s decision is final.


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